PlayStation 5: Will the PS5 be worth getting at launch?

AppTrigger writes: "The PlayStation 5 is coming out in just about a year! But will it be worth spending all those hundreds of dollars right when the system releases?"

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Nyxus13d ago

I bought every system at launch this gen. Will be doing the same for the PS5.

darthv7213d ago

I waited it out for the first 3 years, I'm debating on doing that again since there will still be games coming for the PS4 after the PS5 releases. Unless something really compels me like GT7 or GoW2 not long after launch.

bloop13d ago

Considering the PS5 will be back compatible and PS4 games rumoured to be enhanced on it, that's more than enough reason for me to get at launch.

umair_s5113d ago

I never got a console at launch. Maybe ps5 will change that. Can't wait for more information

_SilverHawk_13d ago

With the success of the ps1,ps2,ps3 and ps4 I would say its definitely worth getting day one. I think having track record of playstation being the best console every generation would make the ps5 the best choice next generation

RosweeSon13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Bought PS4 at launch and buy most consoles at launch but in no rush for ps5 myself who knows in 12 months tho. Can be worth waiting sometimes Vita was defo one for me got it before they changed the screens and as for Xbox this gen S was purchased 4 months later it was being sent on its way, absolutely piss poor. Can’t see PS5 being in that situation a year down the line tho let alone in the middle of a gen like S was worse case I’ll have my PS4 backlog to play.

The_Sage13d ago

You can play your PS4 backlog on the PS5.

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UhOh13d ago

Do you have a backlog? If not then why waste the money when you can get it cheaper later. Unless you just love new tech. Although of course everyone will spend their own money how they choose? Also, I mean without next gen exclusives out.

KwietStorm13d ago

It's not wasted money if you make use of it. The tech in these consoles was under-powered at release, and it's old as hell today. It can be a pain moving between PC and PS4, even with little things like UI navigation and loading. Thankfully there's a huge performance boost coming. I can't wait to play the games yet to release on better hardware.

Nyxus12d ago

I don't really have a backlog. And still have a year to finish up with the PS4.

Livingthedream13d ago

If they support the PS4 pro for a while then I would just wait a year or two for the price to drop, unless they're going to stop releasing their exclusives on the PS4. Either way waiting never hurt anyone.

Thunder_G0d_Bane12d ago

I didn’t buy the PS4 at launch cause it had no games and no backwards compatibility.

The ps5 will have backwards compatibility so now it’s safe to buy at launch.

Nyxus12d ago

I still have my PS3, so BC wasn't essential for me.

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PhilSpinter13d ago

''will it be worth spending all those hundreds of dollars right when the system releases?"
That's a YESSSS! Just like all PS consoles before so day 1 for me;)

Leeroyw13d ago

Who wouldn't want to play their back catalogue of ps4 games at higher settings straight away?
Day one for sure.
Also if you're that way inclined, buy a couple and sell the other online. Always a shortage upon release. It's how I paid for my consoles.

UnholyLight12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Exactly, gonna be hard not to. This gen was the first time I got an Xbox and Playstation day 1. I see no reason for me to NOT go crazy and get a launch PS5 again, especially after how valued I felt as a new Sony customer this gen.

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brbobcat13d ago

Realistically, no. But I’m gonna be getting it day 1 regardless!

rainslacker13d ago

It's probably as worthy as waiting a year or two. Unlikely one will see a price drop before then.

wwinterj12d ago

No console is "worth it" in the first year at least as most games are cross gen and the new gen is finding its feet. Also the kinks get ironed out during that time.

GaboonViper13d ago

Have done with the other 4, will do with this one.

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isarai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I usually wait a year to buy in, by then a lot of the kinks are worked out and there's a good amount of games to pick from. This time however, PS5s Backwards Compatibility makes me really want to go for it day 1

RosweeSon13d ago

I usually can’t wait a year but gonna prob try wait until a limited edition model I like drops. No rush PS4 backlog is massive and I’ll only end up upgrading my launch model so gonna try wait it out. Can’t see the launch games will be that EPIC but I guess we shall see, defo not buying Xbox 2? Scarlett next gen on day1 that I’ll be more than happy to wait it out for a selection of top notch games.

mechlord12d ago

One/two years in you also get rev2 which usually ditches the premium finishes....