Get Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Free With Select NVIDIA Cards

For those looking top get a new GPU; NVIDIA has made it even more appealing with the inclusion of a free copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for a limited time.

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drpepperdude12d ago

What if I have an AMD card?

web101712d ago

Then you are saved from Activision's Greed

Garethvk12d ago

Unless you want DLC or customizations.

Garethvk12d ago

Then you are out luck for this offer unless you buy a new NVIDIA.

FlyingFoxy12d ago

3000 series cards are apparently just around the corner, releasing early next year. The whole thing they did with the 2000 series was complete ass, overpriced, then they released the fully unlocked Super cards to try and milk even more.

I look forward to the 3000 series i imagine even the 3070 should be rather powerful. Hope there's a good increase in overall performance and not just ray tracing.

Garethvk12d ago

It will be interesting to see when developers make games that can really show the cards abilities off. We are getting more and more Ray Tracing so it is a matter of time.

Giblet_Head12d ago

You don't think they'll do the same with the 3000 series? I do.