Amazon displays Killzone 2 Alleged Official Boxart

Online retailer Amazon has displayed alleged official boxart on their respective Killzone 2 product and information page. Could this be a confirmaton of official Killzone 2 boxart.

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DevilsJoker3681d ago

Whos alleging its the official boxart? Saying the other screens are not real gameplay from 3 years ago i have a sneaking suspicion that the amazon page might not be displaying the newest official offering.

Kleptic3681d ago

this game is insanely awesome...I hope they open up the beta more in the US...the lag is significantly better than last week (or at least I have been playing on people's servers that don't have some crap DSL connection)...

there was a rumored box art clip last year...i'll try to find it, it looked better than this imo, but no idea who started the rumor...

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Strawberry3681d ago

please report poostationlastplace to an administrator becaus hes posting spoilers

steck673681d ago

He is on my ignore list anyways, but I will report him just because hes a douche.

Edit Looks like he's been already reported.

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The story is too old to be commented.