TeamXbox: Call of Duty World At War Review

TeamXbox writes: "While it's quite clear that Call of Duty: World at War is definitely not Call of Duty 5, just where it lies in the history of the entire franchise remains unclear. Reverting back to the World War II setting doesn't seem like something that would advance the franchise to the future. It's pretty clear that "modern warfare" is where it's at, anyway. And it's not developed by Infinity Ward, the true home of Call of Duty, but rather by Treyarch, which has done spinoffs of the series before with mixed results. So what is it? A spin-off or a true sequel? A standalone expansion pack or simply CoD4 with new art?"

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La Chance3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

great score.

Wasnt expecting such a high score.

Probably is a very good game after all.

RPG Guy3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Cause they overrated COD4.

Capt CHAOS3654d ago

But with the ratings this game is getting and how well Gears of War II did, I'm being pushed to getting Gears of War II and this game. I reckon, I'll be keeping COD5 alot longer (now that it has vehicles) and selling my GOW2 maybe in Feb.

earwax3654d ago

That is one of the best games EVER, the online is second to none. The new game looks like COD4 with a WW II skin. The demo ("beta") is what made me want it. This month is CRAZY with games.....GOW2,Fallout 3 , RFOM2 and I am looking at Farcry 2 also.

butterfinger3654d ago

I didn't really think too highly of it. It was extremely clear that they were basically making COD4 in WWII. There were missions (SPOILER flashback sniping with higher ranked officer END SPOILER) that were basically copies amongst several other similarities. The AI was horrible (people in my company were literally shooting over the shoulder of people from the other side that were shooting over their shoulder. I pretty much was able to melee anyone anytime I wanted in the earlier missions, while the later missions became ridiculously harder. I was a big fan of COD4, and I'm glad I didn't buy COD:[email protected] (twas my roommate's). If you are looking for different weapons (the flamethrower IS awesome), new maps, and the ability to use vehicles in multiplayer then get this game. Please don't get this game for the campaign, though, COD4's was much better:P

Check my gamertag if you need proof: filthyvillain

PS. I also thought that the game forced the F-word to seem cool. I can't tell you how many words the shove the F-word into. I must've heard "out-F'ing-standing" a dozen times. lol

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funkysolo3654d ago

I like WAW better than COD4, I sold my COD4 to help me pay for WAW

locos853654d ago

There are so many good games out now that WAW will just have to wait. I'm almost done with resistance 2, and LBP has taken over my spare time. I just picked up Socom: Confrontation and that game is great!! The early server issues are barely there, and ranked games are crazy. I will rent Dead Space and Mirror's Edge. I have COD 4 so WAW can wait.

butterfinger3654d ago

You are smart to wait. If you are still having fun playing COD4 online, then there really is no reason to shell out $59.99 for this addition. R2 was loads more fun, especially the further you get.

Zip3654d ago

friday cant come soon enough =)

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Jinxstar3654d ago

I liked the GT review best so far... Good game but not as good as COD4 it seems for the most part... In the end the game is all about MP and from what I have seen it doesn't beat COD4. The really good thing imho though is Zombie mode but if you have a 360 or a good PC Left 4 Dead is the way to go...

butterfinger3654d ago

I loved the Zombie Mode! I can't wait for L4D, though:)

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