PS4 Firmware Update 7.00 Is Out, Full Changelog Revealed

PS4 firmware update 7.00 is available to download now in all regions. Here is the full changelog for this firmware update which adds some new features.

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1-pwnsause-1477d ago

"Some features, such as the touchpad and the vibration function, may not be available on the iPhone and iPad.
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Trash, apple is just straight DooDoo........

Applejack477d ago

We have enough fanboys on this site, we don’t need phone ones too.

2pacalypsenow477d ago

oh great, you're one of those...

1-pwnsause-1476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

its not that im one of those. I used to own a Sony Experia Z3 and i currently have an iphone 7 plus. why is it that such a feature exists on such a phone, but not the iphone? theres no excuse for that. Sure I get why Apple does these things. I get their QA Practices are different from Google, but like really?

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Shikoku477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I was able to download it but now they've taken away the ability to use mobile data to use the app???? So now its completely useless unless I can get to a wifi connection

Shikoku477d ago

Down voted because an app they wait 6 yrs to release to other android devices is now useless to anyone who cant get a wifi signle away from home. If Im home have no use for remote pkay on my phone you tards the reason I would use this is for mobile gaming away from home and now I cant do that making this pointless.

OneEyedSteve477d ago

I knew they wouldn't fix the video player on the web browser, why do they constantly keep making the browser worse? Now the image is all squashed!

Master of Unlocking477d ago

And I knew they wouldn't work on the PS4 Pro Media Player either. Still can't read HEVC/mkv vids. For a system that launched without an UHD BR Player it's not normal that the only way to play 4K vids from an external hard disk drive is if they're encoded in h.264 and in a .mp4 container.

Oh well, I waited years last gen for Sony to make the PS3 capable of reading .mkv vids, litterally each time a PS3 firmware update was announced I thought it was gonna be it and it never came, so I stopped getting my hopes up. I might as well do the same this time. Maybe it'll come with the PS5...If it ever comes at all, that is.

badz149477d ago

The PS4 doesn"t have UHD BR player. Not even the Pro has it

FyBy477d ago

wow , hdr calibration still missing from changelog. I will try it, if it is still there or not.

UltraNova476d ago

Yeah but how will this work? Will PS's HDR setting override that of a game? Or the game will override the system's HDR setting for their in engine one?

FyBy476d ago

I dont know. But what I know, that every game has totally different HDR setting, many of them have only switch. This is welcome addition if it work like global hdr settings. There are more possible scenarios:
1)It works only for games, which have simple HDR switch
2)It remaps TV HDR possibilities to standard HDR PS4 map. Then you canfine tune this in games, where this is possible
3)it doesnt work in games (LOL)

I tested it only for a little time, but picture seemed much better and much less "washed out", like is in some hdr games.

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The story is too old to be commented.