IGN: Steam's 30% Cut Is Actually the Industry Standard

A breakdown of how much every major retailer takes from the sale of a game.

Blu3_Berry1448d ago

Yet somehow Epic is making it sound like Valve are the bad guys here when almost everywhere else it's a similar standard for the revenue cut.

Jin_Sakai1448d ago (Edited 1448d ago )

Epics Games are just trying to lower the standard.

Rachel_Alucard1448d ago

Tim got really butthurt over this article and went around looking for validation on Twitter and changed his bio.

Blu3_Berry1448d ago

LOL. Good. I want to see him trying to defend this. Thank you for telling me, you just made my night XD


Hideki Kamiya will be leaving PlatinumGames on October 12, 2023

Hideki Kamiya will be leaving PlatinumGames on October 12, 2023.

-Mika-12h ago

Phil better have that check ready. Hideki expertise and knowledge would be a great asset to the Xbox team and can possibly bring growth in the Asia region.

VersusDMC7h ago

Phil already canceled a Kamiya game(Scalebound) so we know he doesn't have the check ready. And that check couldn't keep Shinji Mikami there either...but maybe?

CrimsonWing696h ago

I’m still bitter about that cancellation. Even if it was in dev hell he could’ve given it to an internal studio.

Obscure_Observer2h ago


"I’m still bitter about that cancellation. Even if it was in dev hell he could’ve given it to an internal studio."

Are you crazy???

That would be extremely disrespectful!

20nmrtnz7h ago

Tencent and Netease around the corner: Bonjour!

-Foxtrot7h ago

How sudden, I wonder what changed.

Maybe after the certain story choices and direction for Bayonetta 3 they can hopefully make it more like the first two games.

justsomeoffdude7h ago

i've always felt platinum games lack of growth/failures can be traced back to kamiya. He seems like a very troublesome person to work with

DDlizzin4h ago

Good riddance. Never liked him as a person, but I admit some of his works were great.

DarXyde49m ago

Kamiya is the father of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, and a number of other great titles. Admitting "some of his works were great" kind of undersells his portfolio, but that's just me.

That said, he's blocked me on Twitter. Twice. For asking legitimate, non -trolling questions, no less 🤣

His temper is volcanic, but I still like him. He's fun.


Some Of My Favourite Indies At Gamescom 2023 Were The Silly Ones

Pizza-obsessed animals, people made of bread, and surviving scientists made up some of my favourite indies at Gamescom.

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Capcom Plans To Release More "AAA-type Titles" on Smartphones, But PC Remains Its Main Platform

From GameWatcher: "Following the announcement that Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake will be playable on the iPhone 15 Pro later this year, publisher Capcom has confirmed that it intends to develop more titles for mobile platforms.

Capcom's push into the mobile market is meant to support the company's efforts of reaching an annual sales volume of 100 million copies. In addition, it will not affect the PC's status as main platform."

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