MSXbox World: Tom Clancy's EndWar Review

EndWar represents something totally new and unique in the world of console RTS gaming. The voice technology implemented in the title provides an immersive experience that will allow players to concentrate on their gameplay strategy rather than worrying about fiddling with a difficult UI interface.

The gameplay itself won't appeal to everyone. Like any genre there will be hardcore fans as well as those who would rather be shooting folks up in an FPS. The thing is, though in terms of FPS's there are a multitude of choices. Console RTS choices on the other hand are extremely limited. And Tom Clancy's EndWar, as an example of the RTS genre on a console, we believe that it has never been done better or implemented so slickly.

Put very simply, EndWar is a must buy for any console owner that has been waiting for a console war game done right.

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