GameZone: Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - Amazing Allies Edition PS2 Review

GameZone writes: "Few can forget the good-old days of 2D gaming. But go back to the Genesis and SNES and you'll have a hard time finding a comic book game – certainly a Spider-Man game – that doesn't suck. There were a few exceptions like the Genesis-exclusive X-Men, but its difficulty was so high it's doubtful that there is anyone out there still playing it.

Fast-forward to this decade and the 2D quality has greatly improved. The Game Boy Advance version of Spider-Man 3 is the perfect example of how a superhero's cool powers can be utilized within a classic gameplay environment. The web-slinging mechanics were likely inspired by the more recent 3D games, which, regardless of the overall quality, had seamless web-slinging and swinging mechanics that were uniquely Spider-Man."

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