Ms. Marvel Makes the Avengers Game Way More Interesting Now

Greysun writes: "I am way more interested in Marvel's Avengers game now that Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) has been revealed as one of the main characters."

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Blu3_Berry665d ago

I'm worried about how the GaaS model will be with that horrid progression system of loot.

greysun123665d ago

I’m worried too but I just hope it doesn’t interfere with the single player, because that’s all I’m gonna play

Cmoney007664d ago

I have a feeling this could be a problem also.

greysun123665d ago

She was announced for Marvel’s Avengers

2pacalypsenow665d ago

I mean who is she? I've never heard of her.

Did they just create her recently?

FinalFantasyFanatic664d ago

A quick check through wikipedia states she's been around since 2013, I'm guessing she's part of the Captain Marvel story or something? If it's more SJW stuff, I'm not really interested.

greysun123665d ago

Yeah she was created in 2013-14 I think, fairly new to Marvel

AnotherGamer664d ago

She's well know, in the comic fanbase that is.

664d ago
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Genuine-User665d ago

I’m so happy to finally see Pakistani American representation in the AAA space.

ShinjukuSon665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Because ethnic group is what defines and makes a person... Exactly what my man Martin Luther King was tryna say right?

Genuine-User664d ago

You’re mixing representation with ethnic supremacy.

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

No he didn't say that. He said the color of ones skin should define the content of ones character. He acknowledged his blackness, the plight of the black in America, the historic oppression by whites, and the need for peaceful protest. He also championed civil rights which includes social and economic equality, social justice, the fair and equitable treatment of all people, and fair representation. It sounds like you missed all of this.

Kamala exists because historically comics have had little to no diversity, superheroes have been white, only involved white characters, and told stories from insulated white perspectives.

Kamala is interesting. She Muslim, a woman, has superpowers, and is American of Pakistani descent.

Race does not define her character but the world isn't exactly Color blind either. Nobody can look at her and not notice she is different.

664d ago
343_Guilty_Spark664d ago


Stop deflecting. Kamala is an American. And like most American stories of non-whites involves the oppression of said group by whites.

It's as American as Apple Pie. Oppression of blacks, Asians, native Americans, Indians, Latinos etc etc shall I continue? But you don't have to take my word for it!

SyntheticForm664d ago

It's fine that the character is a Muslim female, but how does her gender and religion make her more interesting? How does it make her more interesting in general, and how does it make her more interesting than other characters?

This is the nonsense I can't stand. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a Muslim female hero, but telling me that she's more interesting or better than another character based SOLELY ON THAT is silly.

madpuppy664d ago

"No he didn't say that. He said the color of ones skin should define the content of ones character." -343_Guilty_Spark

That is TOTALLY false! The Quote MLK JR. is best known for is the EXACT OPPOSITE of that.

"I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." - Martin Luther King Jr.

343_Guilty_Spark, Your a terrible person.

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greysun123665d ago

It's nice to see some representation once in a while

Genuine-User664d ago

The first step is the most important, hopefully others will follow suit.

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago

Apparently this offends many here because it is not "normal"

rainslacker664d ago

representation is fine. Saying that that representation somehow makes something more interesting is silly, because in a story like you'd expect from a ensemble group of super heroes,, their ethnic origin is usually not that important. X-Men sometimes manages to hit those oppression motifs through allegory, but it's not usually something you see in the Avengers, which deals with more personal moral and ethical issues through allegory and conflict.

Inzo664d ago

"You’re mixing representation with ethnic supremacy."

I actually have a few Pakistani friends I play club cricket with, they have never come across as thinking of themselves as ethnically superior.

Genuine-User664d ago

Oh that’s not what I meant. ShinjukoSon seems to be confusing minority representation with all encompassing ethnic identity.

Inzo664d ago

I know exactly what you meant.

Genuine-User664d ago

Then why are you talking about your Pakistani friends?

Inzo664d ago

Because if you want to say something about white folks just say it, dont dance around with words.

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Zmorin18664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

You realize this type of forced inclusion is ruining entertainment and video games. Triple A video games and video games as a whole are no place for inclusion politics. Video games are entertainment, there not meant to save or change the world.

CorndogBurglar664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Forced Inclusion? I would agree with you, but not in this instance. Kamala Khan is one of the most popular female super heroes in Marvel right now. She has been gaining traction since she was created.

So for an Avengers game that only has one female playable character (arguably the most popular female Avenger) it makes sense to add Kamala Khan as the next playable character. People love her and she has a very different power set than the already playable characters.

I don't see this instance as forced inclusion. It just makes sense.

So basically, it goes both ways. Yes, forced inclusion is a thing. But on the other side, we have to try not to be so sensitive to other races that we make misinformed comments any time a game has a character of color in it. This is a perfect example. You clearly have no idea who this character or is, or how popular she is, yet you instantly jump to the "forced inclusion" argument simply because she isn't white like every other character that's already in the game.

And for the record, I personally don't like this character. I think she's silly. But I recognize her popularity and have no problem with them including her.

rainslacker664d ago

yeah, Avengers is so much more interesting now, because people's ethnic origin is usually what is most interesting about their origin story. No reason a God, a brilliant scientist mega-billionaire, an all American augmented soldier, an ex-russian spy who wants to do good, another brilliant scientist whose failed experiment allows his dark and angry side come out, couldn't be interesting on their own.

I swear, this notion that a single avenger is somehow going to make things interesting is what many of the movies failed at also. They tried so hard to make Black Widow somehow so important to the group, and she never really seemed like part of the group. You know...the titular group that people want to see and play?

If it takes one character to make this game interesting, then it's already failed. Doesn't matter if it's this Ms Marvel, or any of the Avengers that most people actually recognize as Avengers.

VTKC664d ago

huh? Does she blow up or something?

MajorLazer663d ago

No, just invades foreign countries under the pretence of 'WMD's' and drone kills civilians. Oh wait...

VTKC663d ago

@MajorLazer so shes American?

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madpuppy664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Hey, man....Didn't you know that you are not allowed to dislike Ms. Marvel, Even though....She is a poorly thought out character with unimaginative powers made exclusively to push an agenda.

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

What's the agenda you speak of ? The one where non white characters exist in a world that is 80% non white?

rdgneoz3664d ago

@343. Probably that instead of creating interesting new characters, they take an old character, and make it a minority or female and claim diversity. I'm all for representation, but why not create something new instead of riding on the coattails of the previous. But then you have cases like Thor Girl who no one cared about, so they made Thor a woman for a bit...

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago (Edited 664d ago )


You do realize there are dozens of characters in DC and MV that have overlapping/highly similar powers.

Kamala also has several power Mr. Fantastic doesn't. She has time-travel like abilities in addition to her molecular shape shifting powers. She can also alter her appearance.

madpuppy664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

"The one where non white characters exist in a world that is 80% non white?"

And what does that have to do with anything. If you make a garbage character that SUCKS, I don't care what color they are or where they come from. Frankly the late 70's to the 90's did diversity better than the garbage that is pumped out now, from Apollo creed to Ellen Ripley. Blade to Cheech and Chong. Characters that were unique and well written that people of all kinds loved. I rooted for Blade and Ripley, felt their fear, pain and anger! I didn't leave the theater thinking DUH! I just couldn't get into the character 'cause he/She don't look like me, derp.

rainslacker664d ago


So, she's like ant man, Mr. Fantastic, a few of the X-men, and rounded out with a bit of Mystique?

I guess it's better than just making her so powerful she can do everything no matter what. No reason that these super heroes should have limits placed on them so there is real internal conflict? I mean, what's the point, when they should just be able to blow up 30 ships in a few seconds in those nice Deus Ex Machina moments, then in the next scene, seem completely powerless for no reason.

CorndogBurglar664d ago

"Frankly the late 70's to the 90's did diversity better than the garbage that is pumped out now, from Apollo creed to Ellen Ripley. Blade to Cheech and Chong. Characters that were unique and well written that people of all kinds loved."

I totally agree. And you know where the problem came in? When people decided to get sensitive over nonsense and claim everything is a negative stereotype.

For instance, characters like Blade and Luke Cage are awesome. But a large part of that is because they were created with what is considered to be racial stereotypes now. Blade was a black man trained by a black jazz musician in the 70's. Luke Cage is a black man from the streets constantly using street slang. He also used to be a gang leader. And you know what? They were GREAT!

But now, if someone created characters like that it would be considered an insulting stereotype.

People are just too sensitive.

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isarai664d ago

Eh, i think it's an absurdly generic character design, with powers just lazily ripped from Mr. Fantastic. But to each his own i suppose.

gamer7804664d ago

yah I could care less what ethnicity she is. here are my thoughts, I like her storyline what I've seen of it, but her powers...yah I def agree looks like a rip off of mr fantastic but used in less clever ways, just reminds me of like real life battle toads or something.... thats my real complaint. Scarlet witch would have been much more interesting power wise

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago

And Mr Fantastic is a rip of plastic man?

Or quicksilver a rip of flash.

isarai664d ago

Makes more sense when you're competing with other comic book publishers, but Mr. Fantastic is a Marvel character, what are they competing with themselves?

343_Guilty_Spark664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

They aren't really competing with anybody. People buy a ton of DC and Marvel comics. It's not a completion like it was in the Silver Age and Golden Age as much as a mutually beneficial and healthy co-existence.