Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gets an Explosive Launch Trailer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's anticipated release date is still over two weeks away, but Activision has already published an explosive launch trailer to build the hype.

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BadElf563d ago (Edited 563d ago )

Sad. It's not lookin too hot

Edvin1984563d ago

So hyped for this one the beta was excellent!!!

EazyC563d ago

As someone who hasn't played CoD since Black Ops 1, this is definitely going to be my point of return, the beta reminded me so much of the old MW 2 days... Just hope it isn't ruined by the M-word. Let's face it, it's Activision not IW in the wrong.

ShinjukuSon563d ago

Black Ops 1 was my favourite. I hope the remake it one day. It's utterly nostalgic.

Zombieburger638563d ago

It's my favorite as well, didn't like anything after it though.

roadkillers562d ago

Super hyped for it. This is also my first since Black Ops

Not going to lie, thought CoD Mobile was going to be complete crap. That game is fantastic as well, played Battle Royal last night with my roomates.. took 1st. We had great teamwork and the ability to play on the phone allows everyone to join.

Can't wait to finally play a good CoD campaign again!

REDGUM563d ago

I'm not a fan of COD games at all,not because they are no good but i find the whole MP part way too fast and admittedly I'm crap at it. That being said i liked the beta, it seemed slightly slower, after a firefight there was often time to regenerate health, the gunplay was solid and the graphics were pretty neat.

I've pre ordered it for the campaign mostly but me thinks I'll be online a little more than I'd like to admit too!

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