Why God of War 4 is my game of the generation

A reader explains why he loves the recent God Of War game so much and how it explains why the PS4 was so successful this generation.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane563d ago

Witcher 3 is my game of the generation.

Followed closely by Breath of the Wild and Dying Light.

Kurt Russell563d ago

I agree with your W3 sentiment. I didn't get on with BoTW though... it was too empty a world and I missed not having dungeons.

Dying Light was waaaaay better than I expected it to be too.

WickedLester563d ago

I agree Kurt. BOTW might possibly be the most overrated game this generation.

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-Foxtrot563d ago

Breath of the Wild literally was missing most things found in past mainline Zelda games

Epic dungeons with their own unique themes

Great boss fights with awesome designs that differed from the last

Each area / hub having it's own personal style along with the people who inhabited that area

Memorable side characters

A nice enjoyable story

Better weapons system

Side missions were more fun

A sense of purpose

I could go on, it's a good game but it's just a weak Zelda game and I just can't believe how overrated it is, Even developers act like it's the greatest thing ever when honestly most of them this gen have created something a little meatier. It's literally an open world Zelda game the same how MGSV was an open world MGS game.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of the art style and I think they could have chosen a better direction for it, I personally think Links Awakening was a better Zelda game.

NecrumOddBoy563d ago

My current GOTG is Horizon Zero Dawn but W3 is a 10/10 as well.

BOTW is one of the most overhyped and mediocre games I have ever played. I followed that carrot on a stick holding out for something, but this is NOT a Zelda game. It's a barren open world map with some creative physics features but that is it. No Triforce, no quests, no dungeons, no key items, nothing but a bunch of iPhone physics mini games. This game is endless fetch quests just to have a enough health and stamina to fight Ganon. Oh well you do fight 4 clones of him, so I guess there is technically 5 bosses. :/

S2Killinit563d ago

If the witchers gameplay was fun I could see it challenging for such a title. But that terrible horse mechanic by itself knocks that game down for me. The story and everything else was superb though.

mikeslemonade563d ago

Bloodborne is the game of the generation. You guys don’t know what a great game is.

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SyntheticForm563d ago

Witcher 3 holds the title for me as well, but that 'could' change.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane563d ago

Well Last of Us 2 and Cyberpunk are two upcoming titles next year that could very well take the throne of Witcher 3 for me...

poleerollee563d ago

I'll take Gears 5 that game's bad as$ god of war was more like 'arcade game' to me.

xRacer74x563d ago

Witcher 3 was amazing. over hundred hours on PC and then another hundred on X1. Just a great game.

Si-Fly563d ago

How could you go from PC to X1? 30FPS eye bleed

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xRacer74x562d ago

@Si-Fly, Actually my Monitor back then was only an Asus 1440p gaming monitor. So when I played it on the Xbox X I think it was 4k by then.

nucky64563d ago

if the enemies would have scaled in difficulty as our character got more powerful - i'd say witcher 3 would be right there with GoW4. but, they didn't and that's why i'd have that game at #3 or 4

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agent13563d ago

Witcher was amazing but botw and dying light were pretty mediocre imo

ilikestuff563d ago

For me it’s between god of war and last of us remaster. It was released this gen so technically, is a game of this generation too. Last of us, the best game of two generations

Thunder_G0d_Bane563d ago

Lool no last of us was released last gen same as gta 5 both last gen games so they’re not up for this debate.

Last of us 2 is being released this gen so that’s where the competition will come from.

Z501563d ago

Bloodborne > GoW > Monster Hunter World
for me

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Inzo563d ago

Not just your game of the generation, mine too.

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The Wood563d ago

Lol. Some people are still salty in 2019. . . expected I guess

Italiano1234567563d ago

Its also my game of the generation although i think TLOU2 might top it.

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UltraNova563d ago

Yeah I'll wait for Death Stranding and tLoU 2 too before I settled to a GotG but for now I choose Bloodborne then GoW.

I_am_Batman563d ago

So far Bloodborne is my GotG as well. If any game manages to dethrone it I think that Death Stranding, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Elden Ring are the most likely candidates for me. Less likely but still possible candidates are TLoU 2, Ghost of Tsushima and Cyberpunk 2077.

UltraNova563d ago

Totally forgot about Elden ring, it fell off my radar because we know absolutely nothing about it but still its From's next main game so yeah its a contender for sure.

Cyberpunk....I don't know i'm kinda burned out from huge open world rpgs but I have to give CDPR the benefit of the doubt.

GoT...I feel its going to be a next gen launch title (even if it will be on ps4 too) so that puts it out of the current GotG race afaic. We'll see.

TheKingKratos563d ago

Because it's awesome and an incredible ride from start to finish alongside Bloodborne and Spiderman they are my games of that gen but
I feel TLOU2 is going to fight them for that spot

Juusterey563d ago

Same with Spiderman
huge highlight of this gen for me

Fraggle1987563d ago

100% agree. Absolutely exceptional game. Will be very hard to top.