The 5 Best Trends in Gaming

Anthony Perez of Gamer 2.0 writes:

"Gaming, like all mediums in existence, is constantly evolving. The Internet is almost unrecognizable from just 10 years ago. Television programming has changed greatly, including such technologies as TiVo (DVR) and the unfortunate rise of reality shows on nearly every channel except Nickelodeon.

May God help us all. In the meantime, there are some trends we have noticed appearing in a lot of our favorite videogames, and those trends show a bright future for our favorite hobby. Some may disagree that these are good things, but they are indeed a part of gaming these days for better or worse."

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JayTee09023654d ago

I'm mixed on #4. I like the auto-healing feature in most shooters but I don't like them taking the act of dying out. I feel it kind of cheapens the game in making it feel like there's no real consequence to anything. Then again, when you die in games you just go back to the last saved point and retry, which is kind of the same thing.

The Matrix3654d ago

I think all games should have the following:

Well kept statistics
The time that you've been playing
No load times once you get in the game.

Uncharted is an great example of a game that combines easy checkpoints (you can turn of the console at any time and be within 1 minute of where you left off) with no load times.

FilippoDinolfo3654d ago

I like the trends of simplified controls and no HUDs. I like how easy it is to get into games and not have all the "gamey" things like health bars, bullet counters, radars, etc clogging up the screen. It makes for more cinematic experiences IMO.

CrashSpyro1233654d ago

I love there not needing to be any medpacks. Hunting for health is such a pain in the ass for me. I love that trend definitely. I agree with the article that we'd never see it in survival horror. That'd defeat the purpose.

blueleopard3654d ago

I hate the person who decided to take "dying" out of games like Fable II. We might as well just have a giant "You're Winner" picture pop up after 15 minutes of running around doing nothing.

TheForgotten0ne3654d ago

I agree

I was so pissed at the last boss in FFX. I couldn't die :'(

TheForgotten0ne3654d ago

I'm miss the health bar! It's what is so great, in the new games you can run fire, then find cover and get health again, before you jump out and starts the killing again.

But I love the show of your mad skills! Anybody knows if there is something thats coming with Mirrors Edge that can make me record the time trials?

Simple, well it's cool. But not in every game. In some games it's good that you get rewarded if you know some sick combos.

Another cool article :D

CenturionElite3654d ago

Well the auto-heal isn't very fast in some games. In some games, the enemy AI pounces and you're screwed. When the screen starts to blur and turn red it's almost like saying "Yeah, you're f*cked."

I like it most when it's like that and you don't heal too quickly.

The combos thing is still true to simple controls. If you played the Mirror's Edge demo, you only use a few buttons but there are sick combos available. You can wall run, turn, and jump to another ledge with three easy button hits. You can wall run into a kick with two buttons. For both there's still skill required, but the difficulty in pulling it off from a control standpoint is still simple.

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The story is too old to be commented.