Does The Fallout Legacy Collection Indicate A Fallout 5 Announcement Is Coming?

Over the weekend it was confirmed that the rumoured Fallout Legacy Collection was indeed real, and has a release date of the 25th of October 2019. With this second collection of the Fallout games coming so soon, it got me thinking about the last one to launch, and the big new game that followed shortly after, Fallout 4.

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Profchaos13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Nope it indicates that Bethesda would like some more money please

EDKICK13d ago

Bethesda Game Studios has literally announced their next two games...

b163o113d ago

I hope the next FallOut doesn't come out til after Starfield, cause I think they've been releasing then too soon. I love FO, though I didn't play FOv76, but they're becoming too similar to one another imo. I just hope they realise the legal battle they had to do just to get the license, and release something genuinely deeper then what we've received...

rawshack13d ago

Fallout 3 for switch 🙂

zodiac90913d ago

Who gives a damn about Bethesda's broken ass games at this point?!

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