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1UP writes: "Innovation is risk, and Mirror's Edge puts everything on the line. In the opening cinematic, lithe protagonist Faith tells us of the Flow, the way that Runners -- information couriers in the game's sterile, totalitarian metropolis -- see the city. "Rooftops become pathways and conduits, possibility, and routes of escape. The Flow is what keeps us running, keeps us alive." While narrative in its delivery, her sentiment echoes the design aspirations of Mirror's Edge, a first-person adventure like no other where the world is viewed as more than a shooting gallery or a tactile means to an end.

It gets things very right very early, distilling its first-person platformer ambitions into a very manageable control scheme. One button stands in for all "up" actions -- jumping, hurtling over obstacles, scuttling up vertical surfaces, and pulling Faith onto ledges -- while another is for all "down" actions: sliding under pipes, ducking into vents, and tucking and rolling out of dangerously high jumps. It's a sublimely simple setup and allows for the level design to take center stage. Once you're familiar with Faith's abilities and their limitations -- imparted through a much-needed tutorial -- it's easy to see potential routes through the world."

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tocrazed4you3627d ago

is up with 1up these days... this got an A over resistance 2...

Apocwhen3627d ago

Totally different games perhaps? This game tries to do something new gameplay wise.

CEO OF N4G3627d ago

So just because they got an A over resistance2 dose not mean any thing i will say this again and i know i will say it again in another review topic "REVIEWS ARE JUST SOMEONES OPINION"

Mr_Showtime13627d ago

Maybe it's a better game? I certainly like it alot better than resistance. I sick to death of just your standard shooter now, probably why I not picking a normal one until KZ2

BYE3626d ago

LOL it seems like R2 is everyone's Achilles' heel...

Tomdc3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

reviews are not by companies... They are by several different people within companies. There might be those at 1up that hate this game and would have reviewed it differently. There may also be those at 1up who disagree with resistance 2 score, placing it higher or maybe even lower...

When you apply it, common sense explains a lot.

3626d ago
iamtehpwn3626d ago

Then from prisoners on the guy who always drops the soap in the shower.

I'm still buying it because I reallllllly fancied the demo.
Mirror's Edge 2, please get the balls to do real cut scenes. Only request. I think I'll love this game. ;P

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CEO OF N4G3627d ago

Mr showtime u should pick up resistance2 as well.I have played it and i can tell u that its not your average shooter.I am in the killzone2 beta and i can also tell u it makes resistance2 look average.But resistance2 is the best FPS out this year.

belal3627d ago

i only belive in ign, they gave resistance 2 a 9.5 and thats what i belive ;)they gave gears 2 a 9.5 so i belive that gears 2 is a great game too ;) and mirrors edge is avrage and thats not bad, but its not what i expected.

Ricdeau3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"they gave gears 2 a 9.5 so i belive that gears 2 is a great game too"

That's got to be one of the worst lines I've heard someone say in awhile regarding reviews. So what you're saying can be summarized as "I let IGN do the thinking for me." Forming an idea on what the game is like and about from a review is one thing, but basing your entire opinion on the review? Well, who's the bot now?

And how about the IGN UK review of Mirror's Edge and the 8.3 it got? Does that turn your opinion around? At the end of the day that's all reviews are, opinions. As far as video game reviews go, it's hard to trust anyone to try to give a nonbias opinion these days it seems.

mugoldeneagle033626d ago

It's that they overgrade innovation.

As much as I love 1UP and adore their podcast Mirrors Edge will still be just a renter for me. Everywhere else has been arund the 7.5 range.

And it look's like it would grow repetitve.

Still worth a rental though

BrotherNick3626d ago

Yes, let's not overgrade innovation lol. /sarcasm
Innovation is what makes the industry thrive.

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