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FallenAngel1984478d ago

Remote Play for all Android devices is a nice addition

SkatterBrain478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

I Was Waiting For This Forever , omg i think i tried to put the Xperia Play version on my phone back then and i couldnt get it to work , i was starting to think in getting a Sony Phone just for this and the cool 4K Bravia Screen on it (that 4K Feature only turned on to watch Movies)

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Eidolon478d ago

Gonna need latest OS for controller support it seems. On Android, it's a bigger issue with hardware fragmentation.. But I was just hoping for on-screen controller support anyway.

OneEyedSteve478d ago

Not really, you can't use the Dualshock unless you have Android 10 so what's the point.

Eidolon478d ago

Yeah, kinda ridiculous tbh.

SkatterBrain478d ago

huh? ive been using my Dualshock on my android stuff for many Years and Xbox 360 and Xbox one Controllers and Moga Controller and 8Bit Do Controllers, Apples the one Whos Been Locked out of decent Phone Gaming For Soo Long

boing1478d ago

I'm playing Asphalt on my S9 with DS4. Android 9.

Eidolon478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

Guys Read the article, the APP requires the latest iOS and Android to allow controllers. That's pretty ridiculous

yoshatabi478d ago

Dope. Good thing I have Android 10

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Xavi4K478d ago

wasn't that a thing? :/ I remember I downloaded remote app for IOS from sony to achieve remote play and apple are crazy about which app they allow in their store for

Eidolon478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

Not for Android.. only Xperia phones were able to use the app officially. You'd have to go through some extensive work arounds to get it working on any other Android device.

SkatterBrain478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

i think i did it on my old Jailbroken Itouch , cause i remember playing GTA3 and max payne with my Moga Controller years ago until they took away Controller Support cause i wanted to download newer games like infinity blade on it so i lost my jailbreak

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ApocalypseShadow478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

I was just talking about this

Didn't know this was happening behind the scenes. Very smart Sony. Remote Play expanded for Android users 5.0 and above and dual shock support. Nice!

That's how you do it. Now comes the interesting thoughts of what they could do with it. Unlikely. But let's run with it.

PS Now from anywhere. Crazy latency I'm guessing. But hey. That's an interesting thought. Here's another. Wireless VR on cell phones. There's some latency right there. But hey. We're thinking future here. Run with it. Place you're phone in a compatible headset and use you moves in from of the camera. 180 degree Quest like option.... Yeah. It's crazy. But interesting right?

Eidolon478d ago

Don't think Sony is going to be the one to patent that. lol. Would be pretty good though... and for Remote Play into PS NOW.. yeah fk that latency bro.

ApocalypseShadow478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

That's the interesting question. If Remote Play is improved, maybe PS Now through Remote Play actually works. We'll just have to see. But I'm guessing it's the only way for Sony to counter all these streaming services. With Sony's, you have to have a PlayStation. Keeps the console relevant.

Besides that, here's some more craziness. Sony partners with Oculus and side loads PlayStation app on Quest. And you can play PSVR games in 180 degrees wirelessly. And the app configures to the touch controllers. Yup. More silliness.

I know it's possible as when Quest came out, gamers were streaming Steam VR games to Quest before Oculus offered a link cable for better quality.

Maybe PSVR 2 has a wireless option in the future and pairs with PS5 through local Remote Play and it's inside out tracking with new controllers. Always thinking of possibilities. I think Remote Play is the key to their future intentions on the side of core single player games.

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WireMucks478d ago

anyway to get remoteplay working on Windows 7

CaptainCook478d ago

What's the point? Windows 7 support ends in a few months, January 2020.

rainslacker477d ago

Yeah. Install Win10. It's basically Win7 with a new front end. Same as every version of Windows has been since Vista.

WireMucks477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I don't like it hogging 4Gigs of ram for their uselles shit,.. also game preformance is worse,.. it also makes sense WIN7 being way more optimized from the get go ,.. basically 10 years of optimizations and comming from Vista, which kinda sucked,.. they nailed it,... I will keep away from WIN 10 as long as I can,.. So naturally I'd love to have a native PS4 remoteplay on WIN7 (which is by far the most stable piece of software MS ever produced,.. almost cannot remember if I was ever actually forced to reinstall it,.. only when my HDD crapped put)

rainslacker476d ago

Fair enough. Bloat ware is annoying, so I get it. There is a game performance mode in Win10 now which does away with a lot of that bloat. But, it is an extra step that shouldn't have to be done.

PhoenixUp478d ago

Sony should go back to adding PlayStation Now support to more devices again

rainslacker477d ago

I think as more TV or device player makers start expanding towards things like WebOS, you may see a comeback to such things. You may also see an expansion of such OS functions into things like Chromecast or its ilk.

I doubt we'll see individual partnerships like Sony was trying to do with TV's or Blu-Ray players early in PSNow's life. Maybe if the market explodes, but then you're more likely to see an explosion of services as well, where things like WebOS become more practical for distribution....and ultimately, obsolescence as the TV and device makers don't keep up with updates. Sadly, there's a disparity of interests when it comes to such things, and it's really only the really big desireable services that get put on and updated regularly.

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