Will PlayStation's Exec Departure Affect PlayStation 5?

On this week's episode of IGN's PlayStation show, Podcast Beyond!, host Jonathon Dornbush is joined by Brian Altano, Max Scoville, and Tom Marks to discuss the news that Shawn Layden is departing PlayStation. The cast dives into theorizing about how this will affect the PS5, if at all, what this might mean for Sony in the short term, and more.

Plus, the cast discusses PlayStation Now's new low price point and library additions, the exciting ability to play God of War on a PC, The Last of Us Part 2's lack of multiplayer, and plenty more on the latest PlayStation news. The cast also reads a couple of great Memory Card stories, and much more.

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yellowgerbil556d ago

All the old blood is leaving, but that makes sense they've been with Sony for like 30 years and I think they want to pass on the torch. Why work till you're dead when you are a million a year CEO? Retire on your own private island

Necr0philiac555d ago

Your completely right. I also think Microsoft burned a lot of bridges during the 360 era. They were the first to have voice chat available to everyone. I think about every other match i played you heard people dropping the N word or other racial slurs. It wasn't as bad during the OG Xbox era because of a smaller user base

yellowgerbil555d ago

Many said Nintendo invented the Dpad, but in reality it was invented nearly 2000 years earlier. Romans learned by pushing in the middle of the Dpad they could beat the final boss.
(Don't know what your comment has to do with anything so here is a response as off topic as possible)

rainslacker555d ago

Depends on if they're leaving because the changes to ps5 didnt sit well with them, or they just decided to leave.

Either way, the answer is probably no, because the roadmap for ps5 is probably already decided on the larger scale, and things change either way. Without knowing what Sony had planned before, it's actually impossible to know what may change, or what will stay the same.

Necr0philiac554d ago

I wasn't replying to that comment. Unless you edited it afterward and erased half the stuff you said! I do agree with your edited comment though

yellowgerbil554d ago

The comment wasn't edited, you must of hit reply to the wrong person. No biggy, everyone makes mistakes.

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-Foxtrot556d ago

Did Jack leaving at the start of the PS4 affect this gen? No? Then you have your answer.

NecrumOddBoy555d ago

Yeah, Mark Cerny is the bridging architect and lead anyway, right?

ShinjukuSon555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

Man I miss Jack. Love that guy. Great Sony exec! Still remember E3 2013 when he thrashed Microsoft at the end and everyone was shouting SONY SONY SONY and he couldn't stop grinning.

indysurfn555d ago

wow....what in the world did he say?

ApocalypseShadow556d ago (Edited 556d ago )

Norio Ohga, Shigeo Maruyama, Howard Stringer, Phil Harrison, Ken Kutaragi, Jack Tretton, Kaz Harai, Andrew House, Dr Richard Marks, blah blah blah, yada yada yada, Shawn Layden, sis boom bah, mazel tov, happy new year and all that jazz.

If you get the point, and I've said this before, executives come and go. I've watched them go since the beginning of PlayStation. But as long as the good ship Sony is heading in the right direction, don't worry about it and try to make waves.

Just keep on gaming. And have fun doing it. Because the record so far is 3 out of 4 successes with the comings and goings. With 1 still doing very well even after some missteps. Don't worry about it.

DarXyde555d ago

4 out of 4.

Just because PS3 was less successful doesn't mean it was unsuccessful. Understand that 3 of the 4 Playstation consoles set a very high bar.

Melankolis555d ago

Lol. Well, actually, PS3 was less successful when a person stayed in his position for too long. He was and is a great person to be written with golden ink in history, but that's how the world works...

Change isn't only inevitable, it's necessary...

ApocalypseShadow555d ago (Edited 555d ago )

I know it was a success for me.

But Sony lost a lot of money with PS3 making Blu-ray a success that we use today. Who knows, maybe they made all that money back this gen and they were playing a long term strategy. The #1 physical format is Blu-ray. So that is a success. But the only PlayStation system to not hit 100 million because of Blu-ray.

UltraNova555d ago

What would happen if Phil Spencer announced his retirement today? Would everyone start worrying MS will suddenly change their future strategy if another suit took his place?

OB1Biker555d ago

PS leaving would make much more waves because theres been an irrational cult of personality about him

UltraNova555d ago


But the "issue" here is not popularity but how an exec leaving might affect a company's future policy...

OB1Biker555d ago

Yes your right.
Policy probably wouldn't change much. However the impact would be felt differently in the press, in marketing etc

UhOh555d ago

Well the people that don't like him might think it is good. I don't think most would care.

rainslacker555d ago

I wouldn't, because I still am not convinced hes making the decisions for xbox, and rather is just responsible for enacting ms overall plans, because many of the decisions u see coming from xbox seem to be geared to MS overall goal.

Could be hes doing what he thinks will achieve that goal, or, he's just a middle manager type despite his position.

Sony, while they have influential people within the business, sony proper is more hands off. Things like bluray may be initiatives, but it made sense for the way games were going. Same as CELL. Poor judgement on execution, sure, but we have what CELL introduced anyways in GPU compute. Ps3 they got carried away, but it was still supposed to be a game system, and while they market their systems as multimedia products, it's still geared towards gaming. So long as they continue to do that, and maintain power enough for the gen, theyll be fine.

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slavish0556d ago

It could remember ps4 doubling ram last minute

UltraNova555d ago

Or the other thing, removing DRM and the kinect "necessity" at the last minute?

slavish0555d ago

Wft does that have to do with a ps exec leaving tho? I'm not talking about blind fanboys stuff. Playstation had good leadership to double the ram. Thats all I'm saying. I bet the exec approved it.

jukins555d ago

Dont think any executive leaving had anything to do with the ram. That is more of Cerny listening to feedback from developers who all basically said more ram is whats needed. And cerny convincing the bigwigs it had to be done.

MasterCornholio555d ago

I also read somewhere that the increased ram from the manufacturer became available at the last minute as well.

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