Trine 4 Will Be Xbox One X Enhanced, But the PS4 Pro Version Will Miss Out at Launch

That said, Frozenbyte will “take another look at PS4 Pro” after launch.

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OneEyedSteve472d ago

That's pretty lazy, if I'm buying it on the Pro then i want the enhancements at launch, I don't want them weeks after when I've already finished the game... This is disappointing.

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mcstorm472d ago

I think this is where next gen becomes interesting.

Looking at the current games I am wondering how many ports the ps4 Pro will get compared to the xbox x. If most games are going to be 4k then I do wonder if alot will miss the pro mot long after the ps5 comes out but will be 4k 30fps on the X.

Interesting times ahead.

CaptainCook472d ago

Without any work needs doing on Xbox One X, Games will just use Dynamic Resolution across the entire Xbox consoles. This doesn't work with PlayStation 4 and Pro, they need to manually improve the resolution/framerate and graphics settings separately.

SamPao472d ago

dont buy it at launch, easy

BrettAwesome472d ago hoo. How will I ever recover from this horrible news?

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BrainSyphoned472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

Trine! Considering Trine 1,2,3 are on my backlog on PC there is no rush to buy/play #4 on PSN. Screwing over one platform gives me incentives to give you less money on Steam or PSN but you do you Frozenbyte. Smelling 80% off on this one.

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