How to Get Into the Atelier Games in 2019

The Mako Reactor says: “Everything you need to know about getting into the Atelier franchise from best place to start to every new release covered on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC.”

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Blank667d ago

Excellent article! This franchise is amazing I started around the Vita games and have been playing since. But for the newer releases I have lagged behind in purchasing due to my backlog. This great comprehensive article got my bearings straight thanks!

Nerdmaster667d ago

I always hear good stuff about the Atelier series, but with so many games I didn't feel like actually researching. So this article was a good read, and I may buy Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book in the near future.

patterson667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

Atelier Ryaza is looking like it’s going to be the breakout game for the franchise.