Crash Team Racing Kart Gives to Disabled Veterans

The Crash Team Racing Firehawk Kart aims to raise $1 million for The Call of Duty Endowment which helps rehabilitate disabled veterans so they can work.

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Smokehouse303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Just got it today. Activision makes you click through like 80 pages of privacy and property rights before you can play lmao. It’s all Of these idiots out here suing over the dumbest things lol. Sign your textbook please.

Teflon02303d ago

You see how entitled people can be. The community playing the game got all hateful and toxic for the fact they added MTX, but changed nothing in the game. Even more, gave more ways to make coins. Also free updates every month that's so far all had 3 or more characters, and a bunch of others like 3 new karts every month, a bunch of costumes etc. New stages etc. All free. But they're mad that the option was added with no negative effects lol. They gotta protect there butts. People really think these companies are suppose to treat them like their kids lol

Smokehouse302d ago

Great game so far I’m having a blast. I wish the store had more than a few things at a time actually. Mk11 did the same thing so I had a crap ton of coins just from playing but the thing I want never comes up in the store. I’m a big Halloween guy and I bought it for the Grand Prix Halloween thing. Free characters and stuff yeah I agree. I just thought forcing you through the TOS was funny. Like 80 pages no skip feature. Individual California laws lmao. That is no concern to me at all, It’s crazy.

Final_Aeon302d ago

The only truly free element that you mention is the stages. Sure you don't need real money to get all the new characters, skins and karts but boy will you have to grind for it. I quit halfway the 2nd GP because I was putting in 1,5-2 hours of real play time just for the 30 min of wumpa time bonus. Especially with the increased Warp Orb and Clocks at the time (and online being the only way to make your Wumpa bonus really matter) made it into such a grindfest. Activision were deciding how often I would play and I just refused to be dance at their whim any longer.

I see a lot of the issues have been resolved but I'd rather just wait for the online support to end/die down and just buy the "here's everything pack" for 10 euro down the line than spending hundreds of hours unlocking skins, karts and characters I'll hardly use anyway.

So no, the community isn't hateful and toxic, it's just that we don't like being dictated when to play and for much longer than we would want. The game was made with this grindiness in mind, so MTX would seem meaningful. But you carry on hating on people calling Activision out for these practices and enjoy buying a bare bones product in the future that you'll have to spend many hours and/or real money to get a similar product to games we got up to the early 2000's.