Gamestop Revamp - Valve to allow Resale of games? | Power Up Podcast #88

In this week's Show, the guys discuss how Gamestop Plans to revamp themselves. E3's plans for a makeover, and a potential court ruling against Valve.

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Pacifico178d ago

They did this 2 themselves but im gona be sad when u cant walk into a video game store. I hope it works and my kid like browsing thru their stuff (then buyin from Amazon)

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178d ago Replies(1)
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XxExacutionerxX178d ago

Online game shopping from pc and console or deal with guy or gal behind the counter annoying you to preorder a game that will never sell out because his or her job depends on it. When GameStop figures out how to stop one way verses the other, they will stay in business forever.