Gamestop Revamp - Valve to allow Resale of games? | Power Up Podcast #88

In this week's Show, the guys discuss how Gamestop Plans to revamp themselves. E3's plans for a makeover, and a potential court ruling against Valve.

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worahaka14d ago

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Tecate14d ago

They did this 2 themselves but im gona be sad when u cant walk into a video game store. I hope it works and my kid like browsing thru their stuff (then buyin from Amazon)

CaptainTravel14d ago

Now you see the problem. You are still supporting online shopping instead. You want the service from the retailer but don't want to pay the mark-up for the product, it happens all the time.

I would love the ability to sell digital games, that is really what needs to happen and get with the times.

Tecate14d ago

Agreed...but they have told me they don't price match like target walmart or best buy've done it to themselves.

CaptainTravel14d ago

"Agreed...but they have told me they don't price match like target walmart or best buy've done it to themselves."

I fully understand, you and everyone else want to get the lowest price. What is missing out of that equasion is the fact Amazon and other large giants don't have the same sort of overhead as a Mom and Pop store that pays for retail space and employess in the same way. Amazon does millions and millions of sales per day so they can afford the margins to the lowest possible.

Long story short is that service comes at a price. It's like me going to Starbucks for a coffee as opposed to 7-11, which costs more and which offers better service? Most people will forego that level of service for videogames, that's why the retail end is a dying breed because price matters more than the service they provide.

Tecate14d ago

Do you own stock w gamestop...I said I hope they make it. They were high on the hog giving us $13 for trade in then slapping a $5 discount from new...that's pissin in your customers face. This was before Amazon was knocking 12 bucks off new arrivals by the way. Greed killed them. And I like 7 11 coffee.

CaptainTravel14d ago

No I don't own any stock and haven't been in Gamestop in years. I was just mentioning places like Amazon and retailers have different overhead and a different level of service. When it comes to videogames service is really a low priority.

XxExacutionerxX14d ago

Online game shopping from pc and console or deal with guy or gal behind the counter annoying you to preorder a game that will never sell out because his or her job depends on it. When GameStop figures out how to stop one way verses the other, they will stay in business forever.