Top 10 Ways to Know If You're a "Hardcore Gamer"

Hardcore gamers are an interesting lot. They have a lot to say when they are anonymous, and find fault in everything. No game or system is perfect, and what little time they don't spend playing games is spent complaining about them. Their most hated enemy is the "casual gamer" often blamed for the fall of gaming. If you're worried you may have found one, or wondering if you might be one, here is a list that helps.

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DDP3680d ago

i consider myself a hardcore gamer, and i'm not fat.

rucky3680d ago

Obviously this Old Wizard is speaking for himself

Samus20803680d ago

i thought it was funny. i think its meant to be taken tounge in cheek.

Smacktard3680d ago

None of those really apply to me, except #4.

I get upset (not very upset though) when people make fun of my favorite console, but only if it's terrible reasons (lol crappy kiddie system). If it's true stuff, like that the waggle is awful, the lack of storage solution is awful, etc, then I'll completely agree. I don't like when people make unfounded comments.

I think I am a bit socially awkward too. I can make people laugh, but I don't like really getting to know new people.

SL1M DADDY3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Tongue in cheek maybe but to be honest, it just was not funny... For me anyway.

SaiyanFury3680d ago

@ Rucky

Yeah this is Old Wizard we're talking about. These guys are some of the biggest Nintendo fanboys this side of the world. They view practically anything non-Nintendo as $hite, be it PS3, 360 or anything in the past. These guys are hardcore even though they, themselves would never admit to it.

celldomceen13680d ago

sounds like more of a loser to me im married i have a kid i make lots of money at career builder and i have just about every system to come out in the last 15 years with many games am i hardcore i like to think so

InMyOpinion3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Number 1 on the list can also be found as the lone point in the "How to spot a PS3 fanboy" article.

Motion3680d ago

And if you are insulted by or think that its not funny, well, odds are that it applies to you...

InMyOpinion3680d ago

There was no mentioning about having a really small penis, so I guess I'm not a hardcore gamer.

Tomdc3680d ago

i dont fit any of them.
Well.. except 1 that is but I'm 16 so its hardly something to be embarrased about for me yet =P

Its a pretty stupid list really, I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer completely but I do show some atributes one would expect, like use this site. I probbly play my PS3 about 2/3 times a week.

kesvalk3680d ago

well, i am indeed fat, but i am not a fanboy XD and it's really amusing seeing the fanboys getting angry in the comments sections! LOL

i even chuckled i little XD

epic win for this comment

Tidus113680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I have to say one thing to this author. Stereotypes are not facts and usualy you do "research" on the topic you write about, there were so many errors in his article I don't think I have to point them out.

Mini Mario3680d ago

Well apparantly to most ppl on here all it takes is to own a ps3 or 360.

Coz only the "hardcore" play those systems. *cough*

O and only adults play them because they are "mature" games...too mature for kids at least. Apparantly *cough*

InMyOpinion3680d ago

I would be embarrassed if I was 16 and didn't know the meaning of life yet.

gameraxis3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Below is a respond i made to them (moderated), and i get it, its long and raving but i rarely do things like this and i felt someone needed to say it..
sorry if it aggravates u the readers and scroll past it if need be.

OK first time reading anything from this site... its your right to an opinion, and my right to defecate all over it.
I am DEFINITELY a hardcore gamer, but yet I'm a college grad with a CJ degree,a former MARINE, have a great girlfriend(at least i think so), but i have also waited in line all night to get a game or a system...

The contents of this stupid article shows true ignorance, and the type of twisted mentality needed to make such gross generalizations is beyond me... sense of humor?? yea, i get it, u called people a bunch of names and that's funny.... i guess... but u also attacked somebody who may be fat, but a great person who happens to be a gamer, and made him or her feel worse about themselves... that goes for someone falling under any of the attributes u listed.

Although i can't say i relate or agree with the type of people on your "list", i certainly can empathize with their hurt feelings... it may have been better to attack a group of people that can be labeled as something generally worse than "hardcore gamer", maybe like "fanboy" or something but that would (given your taste in humor) require too much humanity/intelligence/humility than u the bestowed writer could muster.

Oh yea, like I said, first and last time visiting. is it gonna make a difference? hell no, i know that.

but i have a problem with your little saying... "you only run the site for your own enjoyment..."
That truly is funny, i noticed u have a few ads up there...
i also minored in psychology, and that tells me that instead of trying for high traffic and failing, ur going to start by saying ur readers make no difference whether the site stays or goes, reverse psychological/denial techniques may be something your tricking alot of visitors with, but i challenge the same individuals to call ur bluff, for there is much better content on the web than this.

given the likelihood u delete this post before people get a chance to read it proves my point 100%

smarten up will ya?
best wishes

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DDP3680d ago

i bought my ps3 for $600...worth every penny.

Son of Odin3680d ago

im a hardcore gamer. and i'm definitely fat. plus i where jewlery associated with games. that should be listed on there...

awesome job though.

Volvobug3680d ago

i definitely wait in line for new systems...dont camp out though.

Samus20803680d ago

loved the part about the online girlfriends.