It's Finally Time for the Oracle of Seasons Remake

Culture of Gaming makes their case for a proper remake of The Legend of Zela Oracle of Seasons and Ages as the next Nintendo remake.

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RosweeSon564d ago

Great games deserve them

Maywell564d ago

I can't wait for Final Fantasy VII Remake! :D

ShinjukuSon564d ago

Hand it to me on a silver platter! Can't wait.

XxExacutionerxX564d ago

They should remake the original legend of Zelda that was on NES

Tiqila564d ago

Always wanted to play it, but can't endure for longer than 30 minutes. Last I tried it from the switchs online NES library.

Tross564d ago

Yes! This pair of games is tied for my favourite underrated Zelda title, and a remake would be excellent.

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