Every item in Ghost Recon Breakpoint can be purchased with real money

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has multiple currencies, but everything is for sale.

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OhReginald554d ago

Can this game just unrelease itself and go f*** off?

Akira2020554d ago

It can...but that's hidden behind another micro-transaction.

xTonyMontana554d ago

Don't forget it'll F-off three days early with the ultra super duper extra special important deluxe edition.

swifty1554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

Heyooooooo good one ak , don’t buy this shit

RacerX553d ago

It's a surprise mechanic: "Surprise! You have to purchase everything in the game to play it".

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staticall554d ago

Can't wait for «It's just options! It's for the players» excuses. I don't get why this «pay to not play the game» is even a thing. You pay $60 to buy the game and then you pay even more just to not play it, why buy the game then?

You know, i think, that Sony, Microsoft, Steam, Epic, GOG and other platform holders must outright ban any microtransactions for games that cost money. So no one would be able to sell then in Playstation Store, Xbox Store, Steam and others. Even if the game costs just $0.01.

Unless something of that magnitude happens, publishers and developers will keep pushing the boundaries. I bet soon they'll add some sort of counter, like you can't access X part of the game unless you buy Y of microtransactions or use Z «time savers» or whatever dumb name they'll come up with. Or you can play the mode, but you will be limited, for instance, you're playing Capture the flag, you can kill enemies, but you can't capture the flag itself, unless you're paying for «flag holsters» or something. Sadly, voting with our wallets doesn't work.

harmny554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

You think the platforms that make money off microtransactions must ban microtransactions? You should stop and think for a minute.

Every company you named except for GOG has priced games with microtransactions

staticall554d ago

Yes, i completely understand that not only platform holders have paid games with microtransactions, but they're also getting a certain percentage from every microtransaction sold. So in a way, they're in a symbiotic relationship with publishers, the more microtransactions are sold on their platforms, the more money both of them are getting.

I don't expect them to just do that, because they're so caring and kind (they are not, their prime directive is to earn the most money). And i don't think that we, as a customers/consumers, can do anything about it either (anymore). Even if most of us agree not to buy they game and any of the microtransactions (and actually follow through), there will still be some people who'll buy the game and be like «hey, this gun just costs $5, buying it will save me so much time *credit card swipe*». Publishers will still get their money in the end.

My original post wasn't about «Please, companies, do that!», it was more about some «game changer» need to happen or this will get worse and worse, sorry if my wording was off and/or confusing!

BLow554d ago

It's only going to get worse with these services people are praising now days. This will be the only way developers really make their money. It's cheap now but the price will go up because developers will ask for more money. It will be a never ending cycle and then more subscriptions will be made from more companies.

It getting off of subject but they go hand and hand in my eyes. No one has time to do anything anymore. Now, they make games like RPGs with the leveling but then you can buy everything lol. What a great option right? I realize that not all people have the time to invest in these games but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Oh well, we are getting exactly what we deserve. Sad reality but true.

And I'm really starting to get burnt out on all these open world games. I liked Wildlands but I also got the game pretty late for only $20. I can clearly just go and beat the game but I want to get all the weapons and attachments. Why I don't know because it really makes no difference lol but these new side missions keep popping up and it keeps me off track. I'm in the tier levels and I should just go and beat the game but I always feel like I'm not completing the game if I don't do the side content as well. Hard to explain but I hope my point is coming across. And this is why, open world games are really starting to get to me.

I need to stop. I have this love/hate relationship with gaming now days and the fanboys just make it worse lol. My love of gaming is also my curse because I like to now the latest news but I also read comments and listen to a few on YouTube. Maybe I need to cut the last 2 points off my list and things will get better. I don't lol. Happy gaming people...

Si-Fly554d ago

GRAW was such a great game, can we just get a remaster of that please?

annoyedgamer554d ago

No, we wont. For the same reason Activision is rebooting COD:MW and now giving us a MW2 remaster. The same reason EA gave us Battlefield: V and not a BC2 remaster. The remasters would cannibalize their MTX cash cows.

ShinjukuSon554d ago

Give me a Black Ops 1 remaster.

PlayableGamez-553d ago

Modern Warfare Remastered has MTs in them. So it doesn't matter if Activision remastered MW2.

hiawa23554d ago

I would just settle for GRAW and the rest of the games added to the Xbox1X enhanced list.

Kabaneri554d ago

Loot shooter mechanics do not belong in Ghost Recon and Assassins Creed, they're copy and pasting this formula for every game.

assassin2k554d ago

The only way we can stop this happening is by not buying the game, and being vocal to Ubi about why. Enough people were vocal to EA for them to U turn, the same can happen if enough people kick up a fuss. We're always going to get those idiots with more money than sense that will buy stupid things because they are impatient and the stuff is there to buy, but if enough of us disgusted gamers are vocal enough, in enough numbers then maybe devs will listen. Just maybe. But the chance is there. I'm hoping these sort of things get outlawed soon.

Xb1ps4554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

They know by now... imo this was just a throw away game to test how far they can go.

hiawa23554d ago

Except, WE, don't have any control over what other gamers buy. I personally don't have issues with microtransactions. They are in business to make money. Not saying it is right. It just is and not going anywhere.

RegorL554d ago

But this isn't evil EA releasing pay to win this is just Ubisoft being nice and giving you an opportunity to buy a time saver...

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