Where to Next for Far Cry? Hope is on the Wagon (Train)

AusGamers has continued their long-running, never quite consistent deep-dives on the Far Cry series, this time exploring where the series should go to next after Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn, and its both closer to home, and further away than you might think.

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NecrumOddBoy305d ago

It would be cool to go to Mexico with the jungles, pyramids, and Aztec and such. Lots of areas to explore plus Danny Trejo is getting old... so..

MAULxx304d ago

I'd prefer a full Blood Dragon game.

TricksterArrow304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Do we trust Ubisoft to make good choices still?

-Foxtrot304d ago

After the ending of Far Cry 5 maybe just reboot it and start from a tropical Island again

SonyStyled304d ago

What about set during WW2 in the Pacific, with the factions of Allied, Japanese, headhunting tribes and other native peoples that would help/hinder your journey

-Foxtrot304d ago

I like that but the thing is with Far Cry some of things that make it fun are modern guns, vehicles, contraptions

It’s like Red Dead vs GTA you always had a bit more fun in GTA because for example you could get around in so many ways, Red Dead though had a horse. It’s a small thing but it makes a difference.

I wouldn’t want to go back with Far Cry although maybe as a spin off / DLC sure

304d ago
Drw1989304d ago

Personally (just my opinion ) I'd be happy if they went back to the like of the first one and where was about on you own a mass Island no factions but have focus on survival but work it around the story ; by that I don't mean crafting houses (traps maybe like recent Rambo) but more being hunted and having to get off the island and finding ways to stay alive and defend yourself...heck they could throw in some of the mechanics they were promising with the recent ghost recon like blending into the dirt and so forth.

What ever they do I hope they don't just copy and paste the formula with a few little gimmicks ...otherwise it's going to turn one of their decent FPS franchise very stagnant quickly ..

Profchaos304d ago

And you fight giant mutants.
The first one really was a strange game I preferred the first half much more on PC when it was a slow crawl through the jungle taking out Mercs

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The story is too old to be commented.