Dragon Quest XI Is Way Better With Dragon Quest VIII's Music

Zhiqing writes: "Dragon Quest XI S is finally out on Switch and it's fantastic.You know what would make it better? If it had Dragon Quest VIII's music instead."

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SegaGamer424d ago

Switch owners of this game are very lucky, I have wanted the DQVIII overworld theme mod for the pc version since the game was released. I'm happy that there is a mod to get the orchestral soundtrack, but I would love to replace the overworld theme completely.

I agree with this article entirely, the overworld theme for this game is annoying. It's boring, repetitive and loud. If I had the Switch version of the game, I wouldn't hesitate replacing it with DQVIII's overworld theme, it's better in every single way.

424d ago
zacfoldor424d ago

Wow, I had not idea this was in the Switch version. Doing it asap.

ZeekQuattro424d ago

The overworld music from 8 is definitely better than 11. I still like 11s though and don't find it irritating. I switch it back and forth from time to time.

Zeldafan64424d ago

8s is the best in the series. Followed by 3s and then 2s.

Segata424d ago

I have played almost the entire game so far with it. I forgot what XI's overworld theme is. VIII's is so good I never get tired of it.

CrimsonWing69424d ago

I just don’t get why they repeated so many tracks in this game. Like, holy sh*t after the 5th town I just muted the game.