GamesRadar: Mirror's Edge Review

GamesRadar writes: "To say Mirror's Edge is about running and jumping is a bit like saying that Call of Duty 4 is about shooting bullets: about as subtle as a truck in the face and, while undeniably true, missing out the really important things that make it so great. This game is different. How? Well, it's a first person title that's not solely focused on guns, for a start. It's sort of an anti-shooter – it takes the basic shape and feel of an FPS but then ditches the hammering destruction and fury and instead goes all out for elegance and style. But it still does guns pretty well, if you want them."

You'll love

* Incredible chases
* New way of playing games
* Fresh, vivid look

You'll hate

* Slow parts are weak
* Disarming feels imprecise
* Gunplay feels awkward and wrong

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