Gamer's Temple - Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Review

Gamer's Temple: "The story of the game is just there for being there and from your bland character outward you will find little to care about other than winning. You don't have to win every race to earn money and reputation points, but winning speeds this up. Gaining rep opens up more for you to do and buy, and the money lets you trick out your ride. I found this progression a bit too slow, with a single victory not amounting to much money or rep. This is not helped at all by the fact that you must drive around LA for everything but the garage (which you can zip to from the pause menu). All of the parts cost about a single winning from a race, but cars costs about 20 winnings and require you to unlock them by gaining rep. What results is a very taxing system of investing a lot of time into this game for a single car, only to have to invest so much more for the next one. Take a game like Burnout Paradise where the all cars can race each other and are not very difficult to unlock, and you will see that while Midnight Club LA's reward system is genuine, it just feels like a rip-off.

Los Angeles is beautifully represented, with all the notable landmarks and areas of the real city in place, and all in nice graphics that are complimented by a night and day time, as well as the occasional rain storm. It would be fun to cruise around except the cops are not as forgiving to your traffic violations as their GTA counterparts. You cannot speed through the streets into oncoming traffic near a cop or you'll be forced to pay a fine. You should pay the fine because the only other option is a high speed chase, and unless you can expertly shake the cops quickly it will be hard when the whole of the LAPD is on your tail. That doesn't mean it's impossible, but it is a nuisance regardless and though it may be a nice distraction from the story and races, these chases are extremely pointless despite the rep gain."

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