The Last of Us co-creator knows Naughty Dog's multiplayer

"I guarantee you‘re gonna be stoked": The Last of Us' co-creator weighs in on the Naughty Dog multiplayer news

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-Foxtrot479d ago

Long as they’ve gotten rid of or have an optional mode without the in game menu spawning stuff then bring it

If I want armour then I should have to scavenge to find it on the map while sneaking around trying to avoid other the single player

The in game store menu was cheap for this type of world, it didn’t even belong in Uncharted.

ilikestuff479d ago

I’m games you must balance real and fun. That’s the way she goes bud

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Veneno479d ago

If they choose to have Battle Royale then that is probably how they will run it. No loadouts. No purhasables.

But that would make a really boring Death match if we weren't able to pick our own loadouts and play in the style we like. The purchasables were strong but not overpowered. They had weaknesses to other items and tactics just like everything else.

-Foxtrot479d ago

I would never want BR for this and I’d want them to drop load outs, they shouldn’t have even been in the first Last of Us multiplayer

It’s a game about low supplies, scavenging, finding whatever you can yet you ge to choose whatever good gun you want.

Should have been like Uncharted 2 where you start off with basic weapons and if you want new ones find them on the map or in this games case find parts to upgrade them, not buy them magically in a menu.

It’s not very skilful making things poof out of thin air to help you. Win because you are good player, not what special gun or ability you’ve purchased

Veneno479d ago

It's not "magical" when you use your logical brain. Purchasables can be thought of like this: Since you took out many of the the other team you are awarded parts. You can think of those parts as being scavanged from the enemy or the world by dominating the match and having more control over the map. No these weapons are not crafted but that's the point. These are weapons that are already made you just buy them as is.

And your disdain for BR is not conducive to your logic. It's death match but with a single death. It's the survivors mode in TLOU 1 . Your problem with BR is illogical like everyone else's. You hate the popularity of it because it's not your favorite game getting all of the attention.. If you hate BR then you hate death match. It's the same thing just different dynamic.

VerminSC479d ago

Exactly! If he is really wanting realism a battle royale mode Actually makes the most sense.

itBourne479d ago

What the hell? Your first paragraph is fair... your battle royal comparison to death match comparison is idiotic at best lol. Its the same thing just different dynamic? what are you smoking, so you mean its not the same thing? They are entirely different game play mechanics, the entire way you play and approach and are good at them is different. I mean by your logic if you hate superman 64 then you must hate all games right? I mean they are all the same, all games, just different dynamics.

rainslacker478d ago

I think BR would work well for a world like TLOU. Start it off as a faction where you play with others, then you are forced to play until it's last man standing.

I do agree with the illogical hatred of BR. It's a game mode that quickly got a lot of hate for no real reason. Even before it had more than two games for the genre. I don't agree it's like death match, since you can respawn a lot of times.

Cueil478d ago

and the mode fits the dang gameplay type perfectly

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Xaevi479d ago

I agree the in game store took the fun out of the game and ruined the whole point of it. Being able to buy more ammo never made sense to me, and that damn crossbow broke the balance entirely. Purchasables in general broke the balance

Veneno479d ago

So does buying ammo in the real world confuse you as well? And the crossbow is the purchasable I see the least in the game and I literally play every day. Its not that strong and it's not very accurate. If it broke the balance you would be seeing it all of the time but you don't. Where are you pulling that out of?

KyRo479d ago

The only thing I would tweak for the multiplayer is listen mode. It shouldn't be in multiplayer. I played for months not knowing it was a thing and as soon as I realised people could see through walls it put me off majorly lol

AspiringProGenji478d ago

Because the game punished you for not using stealth and rushing. There’s a skill that made you undetectable that could use but you would get punished for running still

Lightbullz478d ago

How is this even possible? Did you not try the single player at all? Kinda funny actually

jpi479d ago (Edited 479d ago )

Clearly was garbage at the game if this is your comment

478d ago
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sililano479d ago

Lets hope something more original than a F2P battle royale lol

Veneno479d ago

You don't know Naughty Dog if that's your concern.

harmny479d ago

They put microtransactions in every multiplayer. Was that a naughty dog thing too?

DigitalHope479d ago

I think people forget ND was the first company to bring in a MP code for UC2. If you bought a used copy from GameStop you had to buy the online from the PSStore. It caught on with some other companies but thankfully it didn’t stick for long.

Xaevi479d ago

Seeing as I can't directly reply to your reply ill do it down here. It's a game set 20 years into a zombie apocalypse, where ammo is scarce. Buying ammo out of thin air made no sense when the single player taught you to conserve and instead use craftables. Not that strong? It makes you bleed out until you're downed forcing you to heal. I'm pulling it out my experience when I played the multiplayer before I decided to stop because of how bs the purchasable weapons were. Most were added in through dlc and not only weapons but perks as well. It completely ruined the balance and gave players who bought em an unfair advantage. I was unaware also that we live an a post apocalyptic world? Buying ammo in the real world is irrelevant.

Veneno479d ago

That's ok you don't need to reply because your logic fails. By that logic we have to dismiss the entire SP of TLOU because a zombie apocalypse is not realistic.

Rachel_Alucard479d ago


No that title goes to Socom US navy seals Fireteam bravo 3 for PSP. Charged a full $20 too instead of $10.

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Samonuske479d ago

uncharted 2 didn’t have an online pass. You’re confusing it with Uncharted 3 which did it when the practice was common place with almost every release at the time.

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Veneno479d ago

Might as well wear a sign on your back that says Kick Me.

harmny479d ago

And you think I care about what a bunch of forum haters think? It's the most popular game mode in the world right now. People are having fun while you and the rest cry

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