GameSpy: Mirror's Edge Review

GameSpy writes: "There's little doubt that Sweden's DICE is onto something completely different with its latest first-person title, Mirror's Edge. It's a complete 180 from the developer's beloved Battlefield franchise, as it presents a completely different type of war within a completely different battleground. Thanks to its take on parkour's acrobatics, it's been compared to the likes of Assassin's Creed, although that's not a totally accurate description of what Mirror's Edge offers. It's a tough but ultimately rewarding experience with lots of heart.

Mirror's Edge takes place in a futuristic society in which the people have acquiesced their right to freedom of speech in order to live safely. Well, at least most of the people. It seems like a combination of Britain's CCTV culture fused with the American left's worst fears about civil liberties. In this time, an underground network of couriers known as Runners act as carrier pigeons who jump from roof to roof delivering important communications away from the government's prying eyes and ears. As Faith, you'll end up embroiled in a mystery that forces you to exonerate yourself and others."

+An amazing-looking core experience that provides an exhilarating rush and lots of replay value

-Clunky combat
-Animated cut-scenes are jarring
-Plot takes backseat to action
-Might be too short for some.

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