TeamXbox: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Review

TeamXbox writes: "The Command & Conquer series still holds an esteemed rank within the real time strategy genre, that will most likely never change. While never having the same fanbase or cachet as games like Starcraft or Warcraft, C&C has put in enough iterations and made enough innovations in the genre to deserve a place on the medal stand. But that's of little concern to Xbox 360 gamers. Reputation only goes so far in legitimizing the RTS genre on consoles; what really matters are things like control. This is tantamount to the genre making any inroads onto consoles, and the game that gets that right, along with every other necessity any game needs to deem it good, is the one that will represent the watershed moment.

And if Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 doesn't quite achieve what's necessary to be that game, the one that proves RTS fans can find a new home on consoles, we won't be quite ready to give up hope. There is still Halo Wars, but if that game fails we wash our hands of the whole affair."

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