The Bite-Sized Link's Awakening Is The Perfect Follow-Up To Breath Of The Wild

How do you create a follow-up to Breath of the Wild? The Switch launch game was a massive rethinking of the Legend of Zelda series, a colossal non-linear open world in which players could create their own journey. As it turns out, the perfect way to follow that was with a Zelda that is as tiny as Breath of the Wild is big, a Zelda that wholeheartedly embraces its smallness.

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Daishi421d ago

Price of admission is way to high for a face lifted game boy game. It may have been my first zelda game and it may have been one of my favorites, but nostalgia isnt getting my $60 this time.

Neonridr420d ago

face lifted.. literally everything is changed about this game. That being said, I wouldn't say no to cheaper. But having played the game for 5-6 hours now I can safely say it's awesome and such a nostalgia trip worth revisiting.