Game Junkie - The World of Goo: first impressions

Gerard Campbell writes:

"I've found the world of Goo - and I like it.

I know at least two Game Junkie readers know about World of Goo. It's time to share it with the world.

The World of Goo, one of the most refreshing games to hit the web in a long time, comes from new development studio 2D Boy. I spent the better part of the last week mowing down the locust hordes, sometimes drenched in blood from head to toe. World of Goo could be the next indie darling.

At its most simple, World of Goo is a physics-based puzzle/collection game, where you have to make a construction using your blobs of goo from a starting point to reach a suction pipe at the top of the level, all the while avoiding obstacles like spinning saws. To proceed to the next level you have to have collected a set number of goo balls in a collection container."

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dribnif3629d ago

Then I read Matt's review on IGN. I got the game and am not dissapointed.