Blizzard: We're Still a PC Developer First, We've Just Communicated It Poorly

Blizzard president J. Allen Brack confirmed to fans that the studio is still a PC developer first and foremost, despite the poor communication that's been made on the topic.

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ccgr754d ago

Glad that's been clarified

Godmars290754d ago

Thing is how long has it taken to clarify that since first creating the confusion.

RpgSama754d ago

It's not about what you "communicate", it"s about what you do, you say that you are a PC developer first, but your actions say otherwise.

Alexious754d ago

Let's not jump ahead of ourselves. They might very well announce Diablo 4 for PC at BlizzCon this year.

Nerdmaster754d ago

"They might very well announce Diablo 4 for PC at BlizzCon this year."
Seeing as Blizzard has gotten worse and worse since it merged with Activision, I almost wish there won't be a new Diablo game because I know they will botch it. I can already see myself sighing instead of being excited if they did announce it now.

LKane754d ago

"It's not who you are underneath. It's what you do that defines you."

*Flies off*

xVOLTx754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

What has Blizzard ctually done the past few years. They only have a hand full of games

Fist4achin754d ago

I'll take quality over quantity every time. Yearly iterations with minor improvements don't interest me anymore to part with my hard earned money.

Sgt_Slaughter754d ago

None of that explains why Blizzard has only released a handful of games

Sirk7x754d ago

Lots of live services. WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch. All online games. They do update them constantly, but not everyone wants those types of experiences.

frostypants754d ago

Actions speak louder than words.

xxShadow-Shockxx754d ago (Edited 754d ago )

I dont see why this matters? Like im not hating, im genuinely curious on why it matters

Cueil754d ago

it's where their fan base is located

xxShadow-Shockxx754d ago

So what are people thinking, that they're console first? and all of their games come out on PC anyways right?

xxShadow-Shockxx754d ago

Thanks, I appreciate the answers

Sirk7x754d ago

Diablo Immortal was very, very poorly received, and their fan base does not want to see mobile games for Blizz franchises.

Hungryalpaca753d ago

Usually when a console is he lead platform the PC version ends up suffering for it. PC should always be the lead for multiplats as they can squeeze the most out of it then scale it back for the consoles.

Cueil753d ago

also have to scale for PC anyway

KaiPow754d ago

I think if they mentioned that there is a PC Diablo in the works in addition to Immortal, their fanbase would be more understanding.

754d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.