Sony's SOE 1st official podcast

Here is Sony's SOE 1st official podcast ever.

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bernie5821d ago (Edited 5821d ago )

God, I’m glad that’s over I was just about to slip into a coma (voluntarily) and how many times can you say “expansion?”. I can’t decide if its more like an electronic telephone message or Data from Star Trek. I would love to be their scriptwriter, you could write anything and they would recite it. The best part has got to be him saying “These are exciting times” & “These are incredibly fun” while sounding like he’s just about to kill himself. Wonderfully funny!
This is proof that Sony’s “ Emotion Chip” doesn’t work!

shotty5821d ago

Major's cool guy, he has a twisted sense of humor. When I saw the sony podcast on his site I was thinking to myself "Why". Then I heard it and it was pianfully obvious why he did it.

rocky50001005819d ago

waste of harddrive space, unless u play everquest

Schmeltz5819d ago

I'm a ps3 fanboy, this is soo cool, its a whole 10 minutes of crap, good thing i'm a stupid ps3 fanboy.

Just kidding, (but really)

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