GamersInfo Review - Unsolved Crimes "Given the obvious popularity of crime shows on television, it makes sense that more and more crime-solving games are appearing for the Nintendo DS.

Unsolved Crimes is set in New York in 1976 (though it could be about any big city and just about any decade from what I've seen so far). When I have the time, I generally enjoy watching a good crime show, so I was looking forward to playing Unsolved Crimes and solving some of those cases for myself.

The game begins with your first day at your new job. You get to meet your partner Marcy Blake, her model sister Betsy and Captain Abbot, the boss. Your very first case is a tutorial. It is optional (so you can skip it if you're playing through again), but I highly recommend it to those diving into the game for the first time.

Each crime (so far) begins with a gritty little video cutscene and silhouettes of the bad guys. Captain Abbot does your briefing back at the station. There's a nice blackboard with all the case info laid out. I like it. Too bad I only get to see it at the opening of the case. Oh, you'll walk by it again when you're making reports to the captain during your investigation, but you can't pull it up again. Don't get me wrong: You will always have access to all of the files, evidence, interviews, etc. related to the case - I just like the visual of seeing it laid out on the blackboard."

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