PS3 Fanboy review: Mirror's Edge

It's very rare to pick up a game and think to yourself "this is the beginning of a new genre." But, that's exactly what Mirror's Edge is. It wasn't too long ago EA and DICE unveiled the game with a stunning gameplay trailer that had us all asking: "is this really possible?" The answer is a resounding "yes."

Mirror's Edge has almost everything going for it. The innovative first-person parkour gameplay, meshed with a distinct high-contrast style, makes it look and play unlike anything before it. To think, only a generation ago, we touted Metroid Prime on Gamecube for its ability to successfully present first-person platforming. Mirror's Edge goes even further, offering a system that's far more complex, but at the same time, deceptively intuitive.

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pp3681d ago

If this game has no Multi-Player its a flop in my book.I am not waisting money on a game without Multi-Player and thats the truth.

belal3681d ago

you go play gears of war 2 for a year or 2 before you switch over to your next aaa game ;)