Mirror's Edge PC Version In January

First-person platformer Mirror's Edge hits Xbox 360 and PS3 today. The PC was supposed to hit sometime "later this winter." How much later? After the holiday season.

When Eurogamer contacted EA today (or was it yesterday? stupid time difference), they were told that no release date was set for the PC version of the game yet. To reiterate the point from yesterday's article about the GTA IV DLC's release date, if publishers still aren't sure about a release date this late in 2008, you can be pretty sure it's not going to come out this year.

Sure enough, EA just sent out a press release today revealing that the PC version will be released in January 2009. Could even be early January - right now Amazon lists January 6th as the date.

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EvilCackle3629d ago

A PC version being given lower priority by a dev? Well, now I've seen everything.

omni_atlas3629d ago

its to counter piracy. same thing that other gta iv-like sand box game..whats it called again. it got 'delayed' also.

EvilCackle3629d ago

It might cause more people to buy the console version but you're doing it at the expense of the PC market, aren't you?