Why You Should Pre-Order Video Games

Nick writes: "After you've read this article you’ll be tempted as to why you don’t pre-order MORE video games, as I unravel the psyche behind those gamers and Amazon prime owners who love pushing the pre-order button found next to their most anticipated video game."

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UltraNova475d ago

Hey, its xboxhub...what did you expect?

kparks474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

After reading the 1st sentence your head will explode lol.. I pre-order games all the time but they're games I have faith that will be good like Sony exclusives, rockstar games, remasters, remakes and so on. you won't see me preordering a Ubisoft or EA game lol

475d ago
SierraGuy475d ago

These stupid spam articles.

OneEyedSteve475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

I will never pre order a game... Why, because I'm not stupid. I wait and see if the game i want is a buggy mess, if it isn't i will buy (which is hardly ever nowadays) if it is i will wait a year and buy it at a fraction of the price for a more finished and better experience. Unless it's something Ubisoft have made, if its a mess chances are it will never get fixed.

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The story is too old to be commented.