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It is not every day that we see a JRPG like Ni No Kuni Remastered. It is crafted to perfection from the talented Studio Ghibli and molded into a video game by Level 5. The story, art style, and character development are the highlight of the game while combat being the only weak link.

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phoenixwing522d ago

I think the second one is a better game

Clover904522d ago

Man, you better keep that opinion to yourself! lol, the second game looks like a lot of fun. Need to make some time to sit down and play it. What features do you prefer on the second game?

phoenixwing522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

well i like the combat more. the other one felt kind of unorganized combat wise and made it easy to over level when you grinded monster levels in the beginning. While the combat in the beginning is easy for the second game it gets harder and has challenge areas and challenge beasts. I liked building my kingdom and I also thought while the art style wasn't exactly like studio ghibli it was close enough to appreciate it. While the only thing going for the first game is the art style. The only downside i find in the second game is that they got rid of fairies and made pikmin style sprites.

The Wood522d ago

The second game lacked the charm of the original. Not a bad game just not as engaging or focused.

Cobra951522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

I think it's the better-playing game. The first, though, has quite a bit more depth. Remastered (on PC) is my first experience with White Witch. It took a while to get used to, after being so familiar with the (very different) way Revenant Kingdom plays; but now that I am up to speed, I have to say there's quite a bit to love about the original game. I could spend months figuring out all the familars and their upgrade paths. I doubt that I will, though.

I'm still playing White Witch, so I can't give it a full evaluation yet.

AmUnRa522d ago

Yeah the combat is better but i love them both.

luckytrouble522d ago (Edited 522d ago )

The title is incorrect. The Switch version is simply a port of the PS3 game. PS4 and PC got a remaster. Two different versions of the game with their own quirks to individually consider.

Edit: I recognize the review addresses this, but a wrong title is a wrong title.

rob-GP522d ago

It is and it isn’t. Technically, it’s wrong because, as you said, the switch is only a port. However, the listing of the game on the e-shop and the box actually says ‘remaster’ on it. I asked BN about this but got no answer. I’m not sure how they can call the switch version ‘remaster’ when they’ve even said previously that it isn’t.

KeenBean345522d ago

The case doesn't say remaster on switch, just the title.

rob-GP521d ago

@KeenBean345 - ah okay, the digital e-shop listing does though