SOCOM: Confrontation Join-game-from-friend Not Coming Soon

Slant Six has come out and directly addressed the lack of a join from friend/Clan list feature in SOCOM: Confrontation by pointing out the feature was never supposed to be part of the game. While true, they have said they would like to add it but "no promises" and no time-line.

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Mr_Bun3655d ago

They should be taking note of how Resistance 2 is set up with regards to the party system

Pennywise3655d ago

Everyone should look at insomniacs notes.

Any MP game on PS3 from now on needs to have this option or it is unacceptable.

Larry Fine3655d ago

It's always been apart of the past Socoms. Zipper really should've made this game. Slant SIx really slipped up on some of the most important parts.

Rich16313655d ago

The fact that this game doesn't have it, when it is all about teamwork/clans/online buddies is an EPIC FAIL. Right now this game sucks bawls, hopefully in a few months it will be better of now this game is utter trash.

nycredude3655d ago

I think the game is still the best online mp tactical shooter out in hd. I know it has plenty of problems but when you get in and it runs smoothly there is nothing out that can compare to the experience.

Trash is something like legendary...

BTW I do agree that for THIS kind of game, where emphasis is place on clan, not having this feature is a major oversight and drawback!