Have Video Games Outgrown the Holiday Season

The way things have been going, it seems like games are doing well all year. Is the holiday release window still important?

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ApocalypseShadow362d ago

Good videogames sell, and have sold, anytime of the year for core gamers.

Holidays are impulse buys or for the casuals to be TOLD what to buy for actual gamers. Saving core gamers money to buy games for the other parts of the year.

It's a win win.

AllMightyFox361d ago

video games have been on a release cycle for years …

generally publishers avoid the summer for AAA titles like Skyrim, X-com, CoD because people are more outside, so they release in fall .. have for years

general early spring Feb/March see's a lot of releases as well … .

but gamers are gaming 365, 24/7 … developers know the gamers can't wait to play the games … "it is known"

Lon3wolf361d ago

It hasn't for years, gamers have been saying it for years, the bean counters still hold a lot off until Xmas.