Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Dishonored 2, Fallout: New Vegas, World War Z, and More

It’s a rainy day here at the Microsoft offices and that tells me one thing: it’s time to swap my summer shirts for winter coats and prepare for the eventual blanket of leaves. It’s also time for lattes that my pumpkin spice-loving co-worker insists are simply the best. But for me, I’m more excited about the new games we have coming to Xbox Game Pass, which warm my heart more than any warm beverage could. Speaking of excitement, one of our most-anticipated titles The Outer Worlds is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC on October 25.

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SenorJepeto1341d ago

Another run trough New Vegas it seems :)

Gaming4Life19811341d ago

Fallout 3 is my favorite fallout but I actually heard new vegas is the best from alot of people but I never finished it so now I will definitely beat it.

I still havent beat fallout 4, too many side quest in games and I'm a explorer so it takes me a while to beat open world games lol.

gangsta_red1341d ago

Wow! Came this close to buying World War Z!

Game Pass coming through again and again with games!

XtaZ1341d ago

Yeah WWZ was a nice surprise!

gangsta_red1341d ago

I heard, had a few friends who already own it.

shabz6661341d ago

Maaaaan, i legit bought it couple of months ago and am regretting it now. Coz the game itself is not that great for the price it wants (I got it for $30) but It’s a prefect gamepass game.

gangsta_red1341d ago

Yeah man, I'm very picky nowadays with where I spend my money. That is exactly why I like this service as well as Gamefly. I couldn't imagine how much I would have spent if I would have purchased all the games I tried this gen and last.

DJStotty1340d ago Show
1341d ago
Kabaneri1341d ago

Dishonored 2 is very underrated imo.

darthv721341d ago

Death of the Outsider expansion is pretty good as well.

spicelicka1341d ago

i honestly can't keep with the Gamepass games, haven't bought a game in so long

wiz71911341d ago

Bro since I got gamepass I haven't really bought any games. Living moment of it , idk how people keep trying to spin Gamepass as a negative

FanboysKiller1340d ago

Same here, I tried recently a different way for beating multiple games at the same time, but still careful to stay away from spoilers no matter what , spoiling is like beating a game that never existed.

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