Why Sony SHOULD Charge for the PSN

Loot-Ninja writes:

"That's right, it says why Sony should charge for the PSN, and it's not a type-o. And no, I'm not rich, crazy, nor do I work for Sony. I really don't want to pay to use the Playstation Network, or Xbox Live. In fact, I don't really want to pay for video games at all, but there is a big difference between what I want and what is practical. So, here are a couple of reasons why Sony should to charge for the PSN, and neither one of them is why Microsoft charges for Xbox Live."

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drunkpandas3681d ago

While I'm for keeping it free, if paying a bit would get Sony to put in the features everyone is asking for, I'd pay.

Yoma3681d ago

yeah but they are still doing a very very good job for keeping the psn and many contents for free.

CEO OF N4G3681d ago

Not this again!!! I swear i have seen this topic on N4G more that 4 times now.PSN is free and it should stay free. (-_-)

rawd3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )


It has. This site is getting pretty boring IMHO

News next week,
"Rumour: Xbox360 with Blu-ray!"
"<insert PS3 game> has 5 gig install!"
"Pachter predicts snow to fall in Winter"
"<insert multiplat game> screenshot comparison pixel by pixel EXCLUSIVE"

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Poirot93681d ago

Look, there's no denying that Xbox Live is a great service, but I personally think that PSN is also a great service and the gap (if there is a gap at all) would need to be much, MUCH greater before I'd start advocating charging for it. And that's because there is a WORLD of difference between something being a free, plug and play service versus a charged, sign-up required service. So many fewer people would use the service, it would be so much less appealing and it would take a huge selling point away from the PS3.

Even charging 50 cents a month would be too much. Hell, even ONE cent is too much, because that still means that the customer has to find a way to pay for it (what if they're too young for a credit card?) It just is a HUGE jump from free to pay to play, regardless of how little they charge for the service.

Now, I'm not saying that it's absolutely the WORST idea in the world, but Sony should definitely approach the idea of charging for the PSN with EXTREME caution. I personally would recommend that, if charging is absolutely necessary, they should add a 5$ (or something) fee to the original price of all games that feature online play, leaving the single player only games cheaper.

My 2 cents

JBaby3433681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

All the features I want are already there so I'll keep it free. Anything else they add is just gravy.

Bubble Buddy3681d ago

If they charge $30 or less I'd take it but $60 or more is too much. I'd rather they keep it free.

Ju3681d ago

I wouldn't pay for PSN on a flat rate. I could imagine, some MP only games could charge a pay to play fee. Flat rate at best, and give the game away for free, or on PSN, download for free with one month free play like a demo and reasonable priced over a period of time, but should not exceed $50 a year (or way less) with a monthly subscription fee or such. I can imagine that. But these games must provide dedicated servers (I can imagine this costs money and they need to maintain those servers).

sirbigam3681d ago

Are yu [email protected] serious because it's "PRACTICAL",it's about the princples man,so respect them!!! The MOFO who wrote the article & yu dip sh#ts that want everyone to pay for PSN need to hope of XBOX360's monthly/yearly payments to nowhere wagon, or start a freackin donation for PSN. We payed enough for our ps3 and our games while everyone told us it was too huge of an investment. Guess wat PS3 has already proven the capabilities of wat it can provide us without any greedy monthly/yearly payments,gives us the choice of paying for wat we want, it's already catching up to live ya lil MOFO's.

Brace YOselves FOOLS!!!

XxZxX3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

if you really want to pay that much, please get a XBOX 360 instead. KTHYXBYE

hfaze3681d ago

I much prefer the method that Sony has chosen to go with this. Keep online gaming free, but charge for early access to demos, as well as beta access to those that pay the monthly/yearly subscription to Qore.

This keeps PSN free for everybody, but gives perks to those that subscribe to Qore. Win-Win if you ask me.

BattleAxe3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

This guy who wrote the article is an XBOX fanboy who is jealous that PS3 is free online. Its one of Sony's competitive edges so I don't think that they will be charging for it any time soon.

badz1493681d ago

this article is DUMB at best! Sony is giving the privilage to gamers and somebody is actually DUMB enough trying to find a freaking reason for sony to charge for it?? XBL sure have spoilt these doofus and made them think charging to play online is the way to go! playing online on PC is always free and hell even LIVE on PC is already free!

PSN is already great as what it is! it's free and it's great! I'm not going to pay a single cent as I'm not a heavy online gamer. I just casually go online but not everyday. I only play online during weekends because I can't seem to find time to play during weekdays for having a job plus my connection sucks at night due to heavy traffic! so, I only play online in the early morning of weekends which makes it roughly around 8 hours per week! is it worth a fee? I don't think so! I like it when I play online because I want to play, not because I have to play to justify my fee!

jaysquared3681d ago

Gotta give props to sony for how much they have done to PSN and keeping it free. The updates that made the service at least comparable to XBL have been great for a free service. Its good for PS3 owners but bad for Sony.. As i've always said it might be free for PS3 owners but somebody still has to pay the engineers, programmers, servers, bandwidth etc etc to keep PSN improving. Probably one of the reasons why Sony as a corporation is sinking. Yeah PSN probalby doesn't cost Sony much to run but losing money for a company is always a bad thing.

I would love to see XBL be free or even charge but at least allow up to 4 usernames each account so that I won't have to pay and additional fee for my son so he can have his own XBL account. I doubt we'll never see XBL free though with the amount of people willing to pay for it(myself included). But I can see Sony start chargin for PSN specially with how much the company is struggling. Either way enjoy what you play on!

johover1123680d ago

Dude (whoever made this article).........If they do start charging......I'm coming after you!?

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3681d ago

I pretty much agree without reading the article. It would be best if sony charge a small monthly fee, that investment would go into making a better psn for gamers.

Capt CHAOS3681d ago

After all, MS are making a fortune out of it..

Parapraxis3681d ago

Capt CHAOS, I think Sony is keeping up with Live! very well, actually, closing the gap very quickly to be more accurate.
There are very few features that seperate the two, and personally 50$/yr is not worth having cross-game chat and Netflix, which I can stream from my PC already (you make your purchase on the PC...why not play them from the PC?).
The fact that MS is making a fortune of of Live! does not mean that the service is that much better, it simply means they chose to charge, whereas currently that isn't in Sony's business model.

Viatrophy3681d ago

Its not just features, Live is a lot more reliable and there is a significant(?) speed difference in downloads.

I would happily pay for PSN if it means downloads speeding up.. they seem to take forever on the PS3.

IdleLeeSiuLung3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I agree with the speed on downloads. I'm not sure how big firmware 2.52 was, but it freaken took me 40 minutes to download. I was like WTF?

I know it is free, but jeeez....

It is hard to go back to charging money when you made it free in the first place. Best bet is to make it a two tiered membership, paid members get premium content, new features first (since they are funding it) and faster downloads.

JBaby3433681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It could be your connection because I downloaded 2.52 in under 10 minutes and PSN downloads stream just fine for me. I hope it picks up for you as I don't think paying is the solution because many people have no trouble as it is.

Tarasque3681d ago

Download speeds are atrocious for me on PSN always have been since day one. Not only do i spend an 45 mins downloading a demo but then i have to spend 20 mins installing it.

XxZxX3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

20 mins installing a demo...???? now that's what i call exaggerating.
Do you live in Dog time?? 1 minutes = 7 minutes?

Viatrophy3681d ago

It definitely isn't my internet speed.
I downloaded the Mirrors Edge demo on the 360 in 30 minutes, it took me almost 3 hours on the PS3.

JBaby3433681d ago

Sorry to hear that man. I don't know what to tell you. I do hope it picks up for you because that is bad. Do the online games run well at least?

@tarasque: You've never had any credibility in any comments I've read from you. You do realize that installing it would have nothing to do with internet speeds and thus makes the rest of your figures suspect.

Viatrophy3681d ago

That is the really odd part though, I have no lag what so ever online, it just seems to be downloading.
The worst part about it is I gave the PS3 priority on my router, and its still going stupidly slow.
Maybe it could be a dodgy wi-fi/wireless card within the PS3? Thats all I can really think it is.

SketchCA3680d ago

The PSN is pretty [email protected] good for being free. It has room to improve but MS has previous experience with OS's and thats why the service seems to more intuitive. However, once Xbox Live provides dedicated servers for online play, then the money you pay them will be worth it. Until then, your money is going towards MS's bottom line. P2P is absolutely fVckin ridiculous for the amount of money x360 users pay.

MS is very good at charging people for things that SHOULD be free. They got you Xbox users to pay for something that has always been free up until the x360 came out. They got x360 users to pay for every upgrade needed and like it. I for one will not pay for a service until it gives me something that is above and beyond anything in its class. Xbox Live is better (marginally) then PSN but it is not worth the extra money.

MRMagoo1233680d ago

i think its better than live thats my opinion

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Yi-Long3681d ago

... if some games are gonna charge me for playing online on a month-to-month basis, I just wont buy those games, and get games I can play for free online instead. It's just that simple.

If Sony wants to charge us for PSN, they should at least make it VERY much worth our while, so first of all improve the online experience, but also throw in (at times) free DLC and games and whatever...

But even then I'll be very hesitent to take a subscription.

SaiyanFury3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I'm with you. I refuse to pay to play online as little as I do. The ONLY two games that I've ever played online were Guild Wars Factions and Resistance 2 coop. If Sony charged a monthly fee to play online I simply wouldn't subscribe. I'm not interested enough in online gaming for it to be worth it. I'll simply cut my consoles off from the internet and game the way I've been gaming for the last 20 years. Offline, and single player with the odd split screen 2 player thrown in.

I thought this was a really lame article. His reason "To save us money" was especially pathetic. Doesn't it cost you more money in the long run to play a game online if you subscribe to a "pay-to-play" model? I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't buy the point of this article.

ultimolu3681d ago

I agree most definitely.

I won't pay for it either. I bought the system, I bought the games. That should be more than enough than to pile on more charges.

PSN should stay free.

beavis4play3681d ago

i agree 100%. i won't pay a penny for it. i have the system and games. that should be enough.

UnwanteDreamz3681d ago

Im with you guys. Free online play was one of the reasons I bought PS3. I don't doubt that it would be good for Sony but still not sold on the idea. I know plenty of people who play online now who would not have given it a shot if they had to pay for a monthly subscription.

pain777pas3681d ago

I'm cancelling my live subscription today I have a feeling M$ is gonna feel the itch to charge my CC again. Sony keep it free. Who cares about features I just want to play a human opponent. I hate talking to people online who for the most part are rude to put it mildly. Once home comes out and I can meet people I know online then great and women for that matter because home is really for them more than males.

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hfaze3681d ago


If someone REALLY wants to pay a subscription for PSN, subscribe to Qore. Simple.

Keep online gaming free as it has been since launch. Maybe give Qore subscribers access to faster Playstation Store servers or something like that...

Parapraxis3681d ago

I have a very strong belief that one of if not THE main reason MS was able to cut the prices of their 360 console was due to the massive revenue they recieve from xbox Live.

If Sony had been charging for PSN from the get-go, even at a lesser cost than Live, they would have had the opportunity to drop the price on their console as well.

A lower price point sells, and the average consumers do not weigh in the long term costs of paying for an online subscription when making that initial purchase.

sirbigam3681d ago

Brillant Observasion lad!