XSEED Games Names Ken Berry New President as Shinichi Suzuki Steps Down

Today XSEED Games reached out with a press release to announce some executive role changes at the top of the mostly Japan-focused publisher.

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neomahi355d ago

I love Xseed, to me they're like Working Designs. I'd still love to see Xseed try and work getting some of those games Remastered. Dragon Force Remastered, I'd like to see Virtua On and Radiant Silvergun ported to Sony hardware. Valis Remastered, I could go on and on. Saturn and Sega CD had so many great Working Design games. While Xseed is more a localized publisher, Sony might actually do well to acquire them as a localizing publisher to ensure their stuff stays on PlayStation with the purpose of that as well as acquiring their developers that've been doing all their Remasters for them anyway of Uncharted, ICO, and Shadow of the Colossus, well, as well as Ready at Dawn.

bluefox755355d ago (Edited 355d ago )

As someone that has started Trails of Cold Steel recently after binging out the Trails in the Sky trilogy, I am grateful for Xseed. Now if they'd get on the Crossbell series, I'd be even more happy. Falcom teased a remaster already, so fingers crossed.