Double Helix Reflects On The Good, Bad And Scary Of Making Silent Hill: Homecoming

The pressure must have been immense for Double Helix, the American studio tasked with creating the next "Silent Hill" game.

"Silent Hill" fans are rabid, obsessed with the series' intricate plot nuances and typically resistant to change (see: the formula-altering "Silent Hill: The Room").

It's with this mentality that Jason Allen, lead designer at Double Helix, went into approaching the development of "Silent Hill: Homecoming." Reception to "Homecoming" has been mixed from fans and series newcomers.

After finishing "Homecoming," MTV Multiplayer sent Allen a series of questions that they came up while playing through the game. Why not change "Silent Hill"'s archaic approach to puzzles? How did they choose Pyramid Head's appearance? Did they spend too much time making the game feel like the old "Silent Hill" games?

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