Microsoft Flight Simulator uses machine learning to procedurally generate your house

From PCGamesN: "A whole bunch of fresh info on Microsoft Flight Simulator has come up thanks to a recent preview event, and that includes some notable detail on how the game’s cloud tech actually shapes the world you’re flying around. In short, the answer to the obvious question is yes: you can totally seek out and fly by your house in-game."

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timotim420d ago

😮😮🤤 This is next gen stuff right here! Whats even more interesting is being able to use this tech in other genres and games. Can see this being used heavy in Sports games and racers to be apart of the presentation. If a game takes place in a certain city or country, I can see them using this to generate scenery. Azure is real!

2ndhandcorn420d ago

One of the most exciting games in years for me looks amazing nothing comes close .

MajorLazer420d ago

This is beyond insane 😓