Monolith Soft 20th anniversary website launched

Monolith Soft has opened its 20th anniversary commemoration website. The studio, whose works span franchises such as Xenosaga, Baten Kaitos, and Xenoblade Chronicles, first opened its doors on October 1, 1999.

In addition to messages from president Hirohide Sugiura, and company directors Tetsuya Takahashi and Yasuyuki Honne, the website also features a pair of 20th anniversary desktop and smartphone wallpapers:

1343d ago
CrimsonWing691343d ago

I really wish Xenogears got finished. I might be wrong but I feel like Xenosaga was kind of an attempt to redo that vision.

ReVibe1342d ago

There's enough "evidence" across both gears and saga that they SHOULD be connected, but Takahashi was basically forced to ditch the gears lore because Squaresoft didn't feel confident in a sequel and he took it to Namco. If ever you see something in saga that makes you think "that's totally something from gears!" its basically supposed to be in some convoluted spiritual sense.

Zeldafan641342d ago

They should remaster both.