WorthPlaying Review - 'Star Ocean: First Departure'

WorthPlaying: "Foremost, with a faithful rendition of the Japanese game for English-speaking J-RPG fans, Star Ocean is a title for everyone who enjoys, even occasionally, a traditional J-RPG title. It's not for anyone who abhors the RPG genre, or even merely dislikes the J-RPG implementation of console role-playing games. If you're more of a living-room or handheld console gamer, Star Ocean is not the title that will open a new world of hybrid RPG gaming for you. Star Ocean does not demonstrate any genre crossover innovations, brilliant or otherwise. It's true to its roots, and, except for some new cinematic animations and English voice acting, remains largely true to the game's original Japanese release.

The title's animated cut scenes, which are new to this PSP version, are well executed and will be familiar, and appealing, to any fan of the more mainstream Japanese anime productions. The art and motion of the 2-D cinematic scenes is lively in the way of modern Japanese animation, and the voice acting is surprisingly superb. Some of the dialogue may mortify you with its silliness, but it's fluffy, mainstream J-RPG dialogue that suits its purpose; it's almost perfectly delivered by Star Ocean's handful of essentially anonymous but skilled voice talents. This is a significant, necessary strong point because the game, in J-RPG style, is far more focused on its unfolding, rich story line than in constant action."

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Noctis Lucis Caelum3653d ago

Good review for a ported game.