6 MORE Video Game Franchises that Devolved Over Time

Exclusively Games writes:

''In our previous article, we asked you, our dear readers, to suggest other video game franchises that you felt had devolved or went downhill over time. The response was fantastic, and we were inundated with excellent suggestions. So many suggestions, in fact, that we have created a follow-up article. And here it is!''

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dreamoner387d ago

Well this is a rare occurrence: a long article that isn't divided into multiple pages and I agree on almost all points, even the honorable mentions.

ilikestuff387d ago

Last of us, taking out multiplayer

gangsta_red387d ago

Nothing is more disappointing than the Dead Space series.

It's a perfect example of a developer trying it's hardest to not only appeal to a wider audience but trying to cater to whatever action gun craze was popular at that time. It went from atmospheric survival horror to Gears of War, CoD style gunplay action.

Truly a shame.

CorndogBurglar387d ago

I agree. Mass Effect is just as bad in my opinion, even though it was disappointing for different reasons.

I loved the original trilogy and each entry kept getting better and better. (Sure, the end of ME3 could be seen as a disappointment, but it didn't bother me.)

But Andromeda disappointed on so many levels. It still felt like a Mass Effect game, but far less interesting, with weak characters, and technical issues. So yeah, extremely disappointing!

But you're right about Dead Space. Such a fantastic game and sequel that got turned into something it wasn't...on purpose. At least Bioware were TRYING to make a new Mass Effect game, they just failed at it.

AK91387d ago

Assassins Creed

Also Deus Ex and Thief don belong on that list both are still great series (apart from that atrocious Thief reboot) its just that the general audience is no longer interested in slower paced stealth games like them.

Sophisticated_Chap387d ago

Sometimes popular game series change due to the gaming press wanting a series to 'evolve', resulting in gameplay changes that completely change the formula of the game, and usually ruin said game. I like to call this the 'Socom Effect'.

curtain_swoosh387d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda was.l a disaster lol. im not sure what exactly happened during development but bloody hell lol.